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    I am the best. There is no other.
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    Church, tv., movies, video games, reading, writing, friends, women
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    I make bread.

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  1. Hm, I guess there's more of us than I'd previously thought...


    I have idle interest as well, but I'd rather put some money into other things than give it to Disney lately, so I'm not going to be in a big hurry to see it in theaters. Figure it'll be out for free on the internet soon enough.


    I see you were friends with Yar-El before she was banned. I was as well. That period was rather... contentious on LF to put it nicely.

  2. I actually have no interest in the new canon whatsoever and will continue to be a fan of the old canon only. I plan on seeing The Force Awakens but viewing it only as an apocrypha, with no interest in digging any deeper into the new canon. To me, it isn't Star Wars.

  3. BTW You were one of the ones who would continue in the new direction even though KOTOR and that was retconned right?


    I may have lost my will to follow it anymore but I don't harbor a grudge about it. In fact about 10 people asked me at the county fair about it (I wore my retro 80s style Star Wars t shirt).


    I'd have to say it's pulling in a new crowd, so it must be having the intended effect. :D

  4. Yeah. I'm not sure where all I fit into the libertarians besides minimalist government/minarchy.


    I've learned Ayn Rand was a bit of a witch, but she made a very good point: tyrants aren't born under selfishness, they are born as championing altruism; Hitler/Mao/Stalin had to be the hip cool guy at some point. That said, selfishness is something we all should be wart of both in others and ourselves.


    Bummer. Yeah I'm finally getting to a point where I can get a machine that will actually play it. Found a case for my mobo of an old office machine but will have to Dremel out the peripheral inputs so it will fit. I hope I can get the push plate in tight and aligned but I'd be happy t get the mobo in at all. :)

  5. Yeah, I'm both. There are many school of libertarianism. You'll probably find most atheists in the Randian/objectivist camp because atheism was central to Ayn Rand's philosophy.


    And I can't play TOR yet because I don't have enough space on my hard drive. Waiting to upgrade so I can finally play it.

  6. Hey, didn't know you were a christian...and a libertarian. Don't come across that often.


    I sometimes wonder if libertarians aren't just anti religion/spirituality. Not that peer pressure pushes me around. There's a lot about them that really makes me scratch my head.

  7. I lurked logged off. Usually come 2-3 times a week. For a time I didn't visit at all.


    You go on SWTOR much?

  8. Sooo, you still come around these parts eh?

  9. Heh. He actually seems like a rather deliberate nod to Judas Iscariot to me. I wonder if Darth Jadus with betray Jedi Master Juses? ;)

  10. Hey Zer-Ny. What's up? Anyhoo, what do you think of Darth Jadus? Looks like a nod to nihilus (minus the "slave to his own power" thing) imo. And good thing too, in the miraluka page, it directly refers to kotor 2. :D

  11. Heh. I'm not much of a sports fan, really. The Steelers are cool, though. I'll watch them if they go to the Super Bowl. ;)

  12. is the steelers your fav. team? They are mine! I see where you live and I just had to ask.

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