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  1. Never mind. I was forced to join Deadly Stream to get any sort of answer. I do believe this is probably the last nail in the coffin for me as far as these forums' usefulness is concerned. Thanks to all one hundred and thirty-seven people who have viewed this thread (so far) and offered no help whatsoever. I think we're done, Lucas Forums. Please delete this thread.
  2. First of all, sorry if this thread is out of place. You guys moved the modding forums, and frankly they confuse me now, so I decided to put this hear. I am playing through KOTOR 2 with TSLRCM and M4-78 for the second time (I haven't changed or added anything to the game since my last run-through) and I cannot advance because M4-78 is not on the map. I completed Korriban, found the room devoid of Lona Vash, saw the recording of her and her Padawan, and received the datapad. I took it to T3-M4 aboard the Ebon Hawk and determined the location from him, with the accompanying journal entry stating that M4-78 is now available on the galaxy map. Only thing is, it isn't. It's not there. Nada. I read this forum, and the last post mentions manually moving the galaxy map files to the override folder, which should correct the problem. The only problem with that is that the M4-78 installation just that, and I cannot access any individual files within it as I would with a normal mod. Can anyone either send the appropriate files to me, or give me a warp code that will take me to M4-78, or provide any other fix? And please, I'm asking for urgency as I am just about to travel to the planet now and I have hardly any time to play this game with my work schedule. I'm also trying to get it done and over with as soon as possible to get to my other games I have waiting for me on my new PS4. Thanks in advance!
  3. Buddy, are you a machine, or a *snip* There. Is. No. Chance. For. A. KOTOR. 3. Lucas Arts doesn't exist anymore and the Star Wars franchise is now in the hands of Disney, who has wiped the slate clean and started over from scratch, with no interest in anything from the old canon whatsoever (except for TOR, which is only being allowed to continue because of all the revenue it continues to rake in). You want KOTOR 3? Here is KOTOR 3. Get it. Read it. Find out what became of Revan. *snip*
  4. Well, for one thing, I wouldn't have made Episodes VII, VIII, and IX. I think that era is best left to the EU, so therefore I would have made spinoff movies that take place in unexplored eras (for example, I had an idea for a film that explores the Jedi Order's origins, simply titled Star Wars). But if I were to produce Episodes VII, VIII, and IX, there are plenty of options. First, where the EU stands right now, the "Big Three" characters happen to be exactly the same ages as their actor counterparts. This strikes me as a golden opportunity. And before you say that such a story can't exist without being 100% dependent on the EU because of all that has happened at this point, let me tell you that that is not true. As long as the Big Three are supporting characters and not the main characters, with the main characters being fresh faces, it is 100% possible for a casual fan to jump right into a fully EU-compliant Episode VII without ever having read any of the EU. The other option is to do what Star Trek did: have an in-universe timeline split some time after Return of the Jedi, and have two diverging universes from there, both fully canon. There would be a point where all of the materials up to that point would be shared across both universes, after which the original EU goes one way, and the new films with their own EU go another. I know that time travel is more of a Star Trek hard sci-fi thing that it is Star Wars, but you could get away with it if you took a mystical approach rather than a technological one, with the idea that the Force binds all space and time, which would include alternate realities. Such a thing could even provide an opportunity for unity between the two timelines, with a certain catalyst in the original EU that cases the past to change, and bridging the two universes, possibly with a character. There are plenty of possibilities that would keep almost everyone happy. Disney took none of them. Not only is the post-Jedi timeline affected now, but they've destroyed the entire EU, rewriting eras that need not be rewritten and have little to do with the new film.
  5. Which means the EU mattered to George Lucas and Lucas Film on some level. If it didn't, they would have let the authors write whatever they wanted and then just bulldoze through it all. To be fair, they did exactly that with the Clone Wars toward the end, but by then Lucas seemed to have changed his opinion about the EU. He does that a lot and claims his current opinion is how he's always felt about a certain subject, when history proves otherwise. The Star Trek EU, on the other hand, is an example of the company not caring about it whatsoever. There's no order to it, so we have books and comics completely contradicted by other books and comics, and then the films and TV shows disproved everything. A lot of people are saying that now, but the changes the prequels made to the canon were really not that major at all and were easily explained away with new EU material (some of which George Lucas himself provided info for). The changes to the Clone Wars era, on the other hand, are quite a mess.
  6. This is getting irritating. Can we just ban this guy? While I don't believe him to be a spam bot (I rather think he is a kid who just doesn't understand proper message board protocol), he sure behaves like one. Please ban.
  7. Revisionist history, my friend. The Expanded Universe was always canon. Enough statements from Lucas Film over the years prove this to be true. They had a structure set up with the movies being the highest level of canon, and different EU media falling into place elsewhere. It was fully endorsed and overseen by Lucas Film, and at times even George Lucas himself would dictate how certain stories were to be written, what was and wasn't permitted, etc. Don't buy into that revisionist history that the EU was never canon.
  8. I'm just worried that they'll steal this story and change it to fit the stupid new Disney canon instead of it being Legends like it was supposed to be. Same with 1313.
  9. I did not see the trailer, nor do I have any plans to do so. I have zero interest in this new Star Wars universe that Disney is building atop the ruins of the old. To me, it is not canon. As far as I'm concerned, Episode VII has been out for twenty years now, and it's called Heir to the Empire. Disney can go screw itself. Thank you and good night.
  10. My guess is either he's really young or really new to message boards in general. He made a thread about the possibility of there being a KOTOR 3, MilesTails and I answered his question, and then he made another thread asking the exact same question a second time.
  11. But both the Vong and Meetra Surik are still canon within the Legends universe. You're still thinking from a Disney-canon-trumps-all perspective. I don't recognize the Disney canon at all. I also liked the Vong. I can see why many people wouldn't because they're too much of a departure from the Star Wars norm, but I thought they were a nice break from the same of Jedi vs. Sith battles. And although I wasn't crazy about the novel The Old Republic: Revan and its characters, at least it brought closure to the unresolved KOTOR 2 ending. Not the ideal closure, but closure nonetheless. I have no problem accepting it as canon.
  12. There's been news: they've been discontinued. Seriously--and I mean no offense here--how have you not heard about all of this? It's all Star Wars fans have been talking about for a year and a half now. The continuity "issues" posed by the prequels were no big deal at all, and were easily rectified. Revisionist historians make a bigger deal out of them in order to push their case for the new canon. The problems caused by The Clone Wars TV show were much more impactful, however, and too numerous to name here. The enjoyment of the Legends continuity is not the point. The point was that we had one mostly-coherent universe kept under tight reigns by Lucas Film, and now it has been ripped apart. And as of this moment, no more Legends stories are being produced (aside from The Old Republic with its game expansions and short stories posted on the website). We fans simply want the Legends universe to continue as an alternate universe. Nothing more, nothing less.
  13. You know that annoying prompt that comes up when you're about to putchase a store item that costs more than one thousand credits? I wish it wasn't there because I like to be able to keep pressing Enter and buy up all the items as quickly as possible. This is especially irksome for items like thermal detonators, where the store usually stocks about five of them at a time. Thanks.
  14. So it is clear from Xor's anti-human comments that he was meant to be a human, not a Twi'lek. I know that he was originally human in the XBox version, and that there used to be a mod on Filefront that restored that human appearance (which I cannot find anywhere else now). What I would like is not for the original human model to be restored (because the youthful appearance doesn't match the old-timer voice), but for a unique human appearance for Xor to be created. I imagine him being sort of a redneck, so maybe some overalls are in order. (If not, I suppose the grimy clothing of the Taris Undercity citizens would suffice.) Since he sounds old, I suppose one of the older faces would do, with maybe a graying beard. And would it be possible to give him "Mullet Man's" mullet, except maybe make it light gray? If this is impossible, I'll settle for a mod that simply replaces his old human appearance. Or I'll even take that as a placeholder for now while someone works on the unique appearance I described above. Thanks.
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