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    I have nothing to declare, but my intelligence.
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    Writing games, pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del........and melting stuff.
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    Yeah, that'll happen.
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  1. This thread's appearance is particularly felicitous! My friends, I have returned! After several years of abscence I suddenly remembered this place existed. It makes me happy that its full of people I recognise from the Good Old Days, even if they don't quite remember me.
  2. Bioshock's system requirements are very close to my own system's settings. This makes me feel sad, and my computer feel old.
  3. The DS would be more suited for two reasons. 1) Its graphical capability is perfectly suited to GF 2) Didn't you get the memo? PSP sucks.
  4. Mr Flibble


    Well call me crazy but when I buy a handheld gaming device, I normally look for innovative and fun games, not something that does everything my PC does, but less so.
  5. I don't think any of us did, not even whichever multiple personality was yesterday's Major in Fealiks Town...
  6. To my knowledge these games were never finished as such. Although it seems likely that the programmers have unfinished copies, I've you tracked them down and asked nicely they might send it to you. LEC wouldn't. And can't, because they aren't finished, but won't because they're mean. And want to make money.
  7. This is faked right? I mean this can't possibly be real.
  8. Looks like someone doesn't get MTV. Me neither, but I know people who do. Sometimes I even talk to them.
  9. I've seen some people with these as their avatars. Nice to find the source. Funny, thought provoking stuff... Where does the pig/chicken sex comic figure in that? EDIT: This one's good. http://www.pbfcomics.com/temporary/PBF032ADReset.jpg http://www.pbfcomics.com/temporary/PBF029ADGeniusSir.jpg I'll stop it now, otherwise I'll end up quoting the whole damn thing.
  10. I could never stand 'singers' who a) mime b) create their own perfume brand c) create their own fashion label [adored by anorexic 11 year olds!] d) said that Live8 was for charity cough cough free publicity cough. (But please gods lets not talk about that again)
  11. I was using humour! Huzzah! I are teh witty! Don't forget earmuffs. Sounds like such an innocent phrase when you're a child...
  12. Some lady. Sings or something. Or possiby lures young women into her chambers and glues them to her shoulder... Freakin' perverts...
  13. You're on Linux. You thought you were safe. Mr Gates is still hurting you, even over there on your Linux rig. The ironing is delicious.
  14. I see two things. I'm not sure which one I should be looking at. I have a fair idea though.
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