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  1. Okay you caught me, I am jealous of the attention they get just because of their sex in gaming. Uttini!
  2. most of 'em are. that's what i originally said and i'm sticking to that. one moderately attractive chick with fake boobs that beat romero just because he wanted pussy and took a dive doesn't matter much. There goes your theory about my theory, whipping boy. Yap yap yap. See what stupid fanbois encourage? Only a girl would feel comfortable yapping about herself like someone is supposed to give a ****. Really? WHaT iZ UR FAv0rite ColouR while you are at it? TELL ME MORE Stupid ass mother****ing fanbois, encouraging this ****.
  3. anyways, segregation um hell no. that goes too far. don't ask don't tell, like the US military, would be good. then we can go back to kicking ass.
  4. why should i give a **** about a chop sop suey or whatever the **** you are talking about. please enlighten me.
  5. No, i just don't want them pussywhipping the gaming scene. yeah, horny fanbois are idiots but the ladies aren't helping by turning a spotlight on themselves. and yeah, most gaming chicks i've seen have been ugly. you say all the guys are too, but we ain't going' around flashing our ****ing pictures!
  6. it ain't no shame. It's bloody disruptive. just look at this thread. What was it about again? thety should keep it to themselves. if I knew that it caused this kind of commotion, let's say in a parallel universe where guys are the minority in gaming, i won't go around advertising that i have a cock and balls. it's just attn whoring, plain and simple. frame of reference? yeah, frame of disruption more like. yeah, i know i'm adding more fuel to da fire but something needed to be said.
  7. amen. if you want girls online just look up porn. no bull****. People shouldn't reveal their gender while gaming teh females that do just want attention. i mean, why does anyone really need to know otherwise? personally and that's just me i think attn whoring girls deserve 2 b harrased, same with anyone who goes out of their way to get special attn not PC so sue me
  8. ^dude is right. there is nothing sadder than a geek that is pussywhipped ONLINE, that's just taking it to a whole new sad level. hehe MOST girl gamers are ugly as butt if they aren't pretending to be girls in the first place... either that or they are messed up in the head a little and want attention from horny fanbois. you will have keep learning this sad lesson!
  9. hmmm this community is creating some suprisingly unpussified mods, maybae there is hope for it after all
  10. daddy like! maybe we can get some balls back into this community now with this, since with Raven the competitve community has gone to ****.
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