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  1. http://www.japlus.net for the latest version
  2. also tell him to install all MAC patches you will find links here http://www.japlus.net/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=6 this is a detailed instruction to install JA+ on a MAC using the lastest MAC patches. So you can use the link given for the MAC patch even if you don't want to install JA+
  3. if you need to install a mod like JA+, movie battle or any other mod that modified game code libraries, you need to install a few patches.... i wrote detail instructions for JA+ mac users here http://www.japlus.net/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=6 you can use those instructions for any other mods mb2, fm3.....Etc...
  4. hum that is strange because the last time i tried with the value 0, it wouldn't read the nextmap cvar and it didn't execute nextmap content... i perhaps missed something else....
  5. if you want your nextmap be executed at the end of the game, you have to configure it as i said for sure... So if it still does not work even with this cvar, it means you also have others problems
  6. change seta g_autoMapCycle 0 with seta g_autoMapCycle 1
  7. inside japlus folder from your gamedata installatioin you will find a efx_MOD.pk3 file... it contains both saber effects and force effect... If you don't like them simply remove this pk3 from your installation... if you just don't like saber effets just open, this efx_MOD.pk3 file with winzip or winrar or any other archive programm based on the ZIP format and delete the saber folder inside this efx_MOD.pk3 ZIP archive....(a pk3 is just a ZIP file renamed into pk3)
  8. Mamoth games game server and web hosting is launching a MEGA discount system coupon when you buy a game server and anything realated to game server like voice server and website...etc.... you can have more info if you go here http://www.japlus.net/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=200 you will be able to have all the details about how to obtain this mega discount on all your payments.... bye have a good play.... PS: the official CTF JA+ server is now back the IP is €€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€JA+ Official n°1 http://www.japlus.net
  9. thanks those changes were made in JA+2.3 in order to support better the most popular servers whereyou could find both honour players and real ffa players... for exemple in a 32 slots server with about 20 players, you could have 10 honours and 10 ffa players... Or you could have players that want first to be fast and furious and then 10 min later want only chat and duel and honour, then 10 min laters want again fast and furious ffa.... SO the idea to be able to play both at the same time and on the same server, were made to clarify what a player is searching for his fun... Moreover making the ffa dimension as a default clarify the problem for new players who do not always understand admin honour rules..
  10. admins do not send lamer in this dimension people by default enter this dimension wich is the default ffa dimension... and they can choose to enter the honour dimension if they want... if someone entering the honour dimension is not respecting the honours rules of trhe server , the admin can force this player to stay in the ffa dimension
  11. No you can't do that as those cmds and god chat is not working in the real ffa dimension... it only works in the honour dimension that people use to chat or duel.. SO if someone do that in the honour dimension, this is not problem as the score is not important in honour dimension. HOnour dimension is not a competive one... All the things that can interfere with competetive things are automatically disable in the competitive gametype and reall ffa dimension
  12. the way it is now coded you can't abuse like that For your suppositions on how highlander is working, yes you are rightn if you kill some who has the same force type as you, it will increase your force level... If the man you kill has other forces it add force type to your forces list
  13. yeah exactly, you need to press jump another time at the ledge hight... People seems tto prefer to have the entire control uppon the feature..
  14. yes they didn't like the way it was because they prefered to have a full control on when they grab or not so i basically modified the wall grab management to add the wall ledge detection i think the 2 way are nice... but too many people complained on my forum, so i changed it
  15. thanks kurgan, but instead of saying this is less abusable, you could simply say that JA+ IS NOT ABUSABLE any more. I am really wondering how you could now abuse with JA+... But nevermind , if someone find a way, just let me know so that i can better the mod
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