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  1. http://www.japlus.net for the latest version
  2. also tell him to install all MAC patches you will find links here http://www.japlus.net/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=6 this is a detailed instruction to install JA+ on a MAC using the lastest MAC patches. So you can use the link given for the MAC patch even if you don't want to install JA+
  3. if you need to install a mod like JA+, movie battle or any other mod that modified game code libraries, you need to install a few patches.... i wrote detail instructions for JA+ mac users here http://www.japlus.net/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=6 you can use those instructions for any other mods mb2, fm3.....Etc...
  4. hum that is strange because the last time i tried with the value 0, it wouldn't read the nextmap cvar and it didn't execute nextmap content... i perhaps missed something else....
  5. if you want your nextmap be executed at the end of the game, you have to configure it as i said for sure... So if it still does not work even with this cvar, it means you also have others problems
  6. change seta g_autoMapCycle 0 with seta g_autoMapCycle 1
  7. inside japlus folder from your gamedata installatioin you will find a efx_MOD.pk3 file... it contains both saber effects and force effect... If you don't like them simply remove this pk3 from your installation... if you just don't like saber effets just open, this efx_MOD.pk3 file with winzip or winrar or any other archive programm based on the ZIP format and delete the saber folder inside this efx_MOD.pk3 ZIP archive....(a pk3 is just a ZIP file renamed into pk3)
  8. Mamoth games game server and web hosting is launching a MEGA discount system coupon when you buy a game server and anything realated to game server like voice server and website...etc.... you can have more info if you go here http://www.japlus.net/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=200 you will be able to have all the details about how to obtain this mega discount on all your payments.... bye have a good play.... PS: the official CTF JA+ server is now back the IP is €€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€JA+ Official n°1 http://www.japlus.net
  9. thanks those changes were made in JA+2.3 in order to support better the most popular servers whereyou could find both honour players and real ffa players... for exemple in a 32 slots server with about 20 players, you could have 10 honours and 10 ffa players... Or you could have players that want first to be fast and furious and then 10 min later want only chat and duel and honour, then 10 min laters want again fast and furious ffa.... SO the idea to be able to play both at the same time and on the same server, were made to clarify what a player is searching for his fun... Moreover making the ffa dimension as a default clarify the problem for new players who do not always understand admin honour rules..
  10. admins do not send lamer in this dimension people by default enter this dimension wich is the default ffa dimension... and they can choose to enter the honour dimension if they want... if someone entering the honour dimension is not respecting the honours rules of trhe server , the admin can force this player to stay in the ffa dimension
  11. No you can't do that as those cmds and god chat is not working in the real ffa dimension... it only works in the honour dimension that people use to chat or duel.. SO if someone do that in the honour dimension, this is not problem as the score is not important in honour dimension. HOnour dimension is not a competive one... All the things that can interfere with competetive things are automatically disable in the competitive gametype and reall ffa dimension
  12. the way it is now coded you can't abuse like that For your suppositions on how highlander is working, yes you are rightn if you kill some who has the same force type as you, it will increase your force level... If the man you kill has other forces it add force type to your forces list
  13. yeah exactly, you need to press jump another time at the ledge hight... People seems tto prefer to have the entire control uppon the feature..
  14. yes they didn't like the way it was because they prefered to have a full control on when they grab or not so i basically modified the wall grab management to add the wall ledge detection i think the 2 way are nice... but too many people complained on my forum, so i changed it
  15. thanks kurgan, but instead of saying this is less abusable, you could simply say that JA+ IS NOT ABUSABLE any more. I am really wondering how you could now abuse with JA+... But nevermind , if someone find a way, just let me know so that i can better the mod
  16. Hi, Highlander is very old in JA+ mod. I am surprised you don't know it. Let's make a quick summmary. Highlander is made to recreate the movie ambiance of Highlander. It is a modification of the FFA gametype. At the beginning of a match, all players try to kill each other in a fast and furious way. YOu begins with few forces powers and low power in your forces levels. YOu also begin with 1 life. When you kill someone, and if his number of lives is 0, (it means you really killed him), you gain his forces type and also his forces level (like in the movie). So the more you kill, the more you become powerfull. Also gain one life if you succeed to kill someone. When your number of lives is 0, you become a ghost and can't fight until the end game. At the end there can be only one and a new match will take place. The 2 final duelers who are still alive will fight until one of the duelers has 0 life remaining. the number of lives is made to recreate the immortal feeling.. When you die you respawn if your number of lives is still > 0. WHen you kill someone, you will have a quickening effect like in the movie (you will see a storm and thunder and you take enemy forces and forces level)...
  17. Hi all i am please to announce this new version of JA+. You can download it if you want here http://japlus.fragism.com/download.php Authors : Slider website : http://japlus.fragism.com/ or http://www.japlus.net Description : This version of JA+ Mod is designed for Jedi Academy 1.0.1 OS : Windows and Linux and Mac Mod Type : Server Side but capability to have client side plugin Screenshots : http://japlus.fragism.com/screen.php Movie Trailer : http://japlus.fragism.com/trailer.php JA+ is the official name for the JediMoves.com Mod Project. This server side Mod for Windows/Linux/Mac is designed to add cool features and enable admin commands to help ensure your rules are respected and to make your server more configurable. This mod will not drastically change the general feel of the game, it will simply add fun features or enhance features in order to satisfy Jedi Academy clans. When all the new options are turned OFF, the gameplay becomes unchanged. The main goal of this mod is to add or enhance a lot of features in a total configurable ''Plus'' JediAcademy version (that is why i called it JA+). This is the full distribution pack. It includes the clientside JA+ Plugin as well as some helpful tools to aid server administrators. For full documentation of the plugin itself, please download the plugin and its readme separately. Example of features ==> --Compatibility with all OS Windows, Linux and Mac --Support for the New JA+ GLA animations(yes i know it adds 8Mo to the mod) --High speed URL AutoDownload Redirect for needed Pk3 when connecting a server. --Multiple duels at once --Full force Duels --Duel Isolation (Non interference) --No Rules Alternate Dimension --Flipkicks without altering wall run --Admin commands + Admin Abuse Detection --Speak mod (admin, clan and team) --Clan Tag Protection --Team gametypes auto-balance (teams with the same number of players) --MultiTaunt Sound, and multiCustom player sounds. --AutoReplier integrated working with all foreign versions of the game. --Easy saber change without respawning --Tons of new emotes --Fake player name detection system based on IP detection --All SP attacks added + completely new attacks and new DFA + SP force moves with new extended effects --Extended Melee attacks --New items (melee, jetpack, flameThrower,grapple hook ) --Model size scaling system --Configurable saber Damages --New Vote system management + AntiVoteSpam --Capability of activating a real JK2 gameplay with moves and damages --Profanity Filter --Chat GOD (attack immunity while in console or chat mode) + Inactivity AutoProtect --Highlander ffa gametype modification --JediVsMerc mod enhancement --Client Side Plugin for players --RGB clothes and sabers + various saber core/line/trails styles effects. --Extensive Anti cheat system ( Macro scan , models exploit, yawspeed....etc...) --Client scripts that bind keys to improve accessibility and more... --gender support for missing skins (replaced by a default male or a female model) --JA+ BitValue calculator to compute all bit value CVars. --BaseJKA vehicle limit of 16 modified to allow a maximum of 32 distinct vehicles to be spawned in a map. --Maximum size of .veh & .vwp files increased to allow the loading of a lot more pk3 vehicle files (more than 50). --JA+ server tracker for website (server info in real time, who's playing, rcon cmds, server configs....viewable in a web page) -- JA+ sabers Support : a great saber pack included, new hilts...etc.. with extended sabers features like holstering animations and holsters model. --Many lot of corrected basejka Bugs *********************************************** Quick Install ********************************************** - just delete all pk3 files in your gamedata/japlus folder. - then unzip this zip file into your gamedata folder. It should place all needed pk3 files into your gamedata/japlus folder - then load the mod using the load mod menu of your game PS : the japlus_gla_anims.pk3 must be installed in BASE folder and not in japlus folder on both server and clients in order to use them. for detailed info, go in japlus\japlus_doc For detailed notes about the plugin, read the Plugin_readme.rtf PS: For MAC users, all the dll are now integrated in the PK3 of the mod. You need the MAC Patch1.01C and also the 1.01d or above to make it working. you can get this 1.01C from http://www.macgamefiles.com/detail.php?item=17967 you can get this 1.01D patch from http://www.brad-oliver.com:8080/~boliver/JKJA_101d.sit or http://www.japlus.net/japlus/JKJA_101d.sit mirror http://www.pcgamemods.com/mod/13253.html You will find a detailed MAC install howTo made by DarthZappa in japlus/japlus_doc/japlusmac-howto.zip ************************************************************** What is new in this version? More details on each feature in the whole documentation in japlus\japlus_doc ************************************************************** - improvement of the cvar g_teamForceBalance(3, 2 , 1 or 0 default 3) : used to balance the number of players in each team. if > 0, in team gametype except siege, at the end of level (timelimit, fraglimit, capture limit hit...etc ), the server will balance the teams for the nextmap based on player's scores. the 1st ranked player go in a team, the 2nd in another, the 3rd in team of the 1st player, the 4st go in the other team,.....etc..... if 0 , this is desactivated if 1 : default basejka value : players can't join a team if it unbalances the number of players in each team. if 2 :same as for 1 but, when a player disconnect, it may unbalance teams. So at respawn, the youngest connected player will be moved in the other team to balance the number of players. if 3 : same as for 1 but, when a player disconnect, it may unbalance teams. So at respawn, the lowest or the best ranked player will be auto moved in the other team to balance the number of players depending on the team scores. - High speed URL AutoDownload Redirect for needed Pk3 when connecting a server: this feature enable players to download with high speed the needed pk3 files (like maps, npc, vehicles, sabers...etc...) to be able to play on your server. new cvar jp_DlBaseURL ( URL default value "" ex: value "http://www.japlus.net/japlus/" ) // jp_DlBaseURL is the equivalent to your gamedata folder. // so if your server have a pk3 test.pk3 under the base folder and if you want people to be able download it, your Website must contain // this file at [jp_DlBaseURL]base/test.pk3 Exemple : http://www.japlus.net/japlus/base/test.pk3 . // remember the server will only make player download the real needed files and not all files. // PS : Player need the lastest JA+ Plugin 1.4 or above for this feature. - Wall ledge Grab improvement: you now must press 2 times the Jump button to grab the wall/ledge. So the wallLedge grab feature is now much more under your entire control. you need the lastest plugin 1.4 or above for this improvement. - jp_startMapVoteTimer ( integer in second default 60 ) : when a level start, player will have to wait this time before to callVote. This is ideal to prevent people from calling for exemple a change of map just at entering the level because it tend to disconnect a lot of connecting players. - jp_maxConnFromIP (integer default 2): max number of connections per IPs. It prevent your server from beeing attacked with a fake player Denial of Service. the use of those kind of Server attacks can lag your server (based on quake3 engine) terribly and even crash it. Since this DoS attack program was released ( i prefer not to say where to find it for evident reason), server owners reported that some immature players are more and more using it to lag and crash servers. - Improvement in the new attacks management (gameplay and damages). - new nice star wars models from neomarz parametered in the modelscale.cfg - Fix: the jp_pushAll 2 (CTF Flags Pushable/Pullable) is now fixed. A flag that is falling into a Pit will respawn correctly. - Fix : correction of the bugs on the / model and the sabersNotUsuable in MP when jp_allowDmgSpeedScale is On (modelScale System). - Fix: Some of the sabers lengths in the japlus_saber.pk3 were shorter than the basejka sabers. So it is now fixed. - Fix: amprotected players are now unprotected when doing a melee kata.
  18. nalukai it seems to you played on a 2.3beta version and not the final one and also don't forget to install the plugin to take advantage of all
  19. hea i also think you should stop accusing me of wrong things (source code stolen, BOFH code used, and a lot of other things) if you don't want me to remind all the crappy thing you made...
  20. yea i just came on your website to see all the readme and this is true that you just put some nice code enhancement inside the lastest version so sorry to say thing without coming to see the lastest mod...... i just acted like choosen one pretending jA+ is an admin mod while admin mod things are 5% of the whole code inside jA+.... so let me excuse me for what i said....
  21. yes you are right this is why i accused you to have coded backdoors in your mod because i think you are not a bad coder and therefore you couldn't coded this so big bug without making it intentionally....... simple question why you spend to much time releasing the coded source of your mod if it is not because it take time to remove all the backdoor you coded? and all the Fix you are refering are mainly fix of the basejka engine in my mod.... but you can't understand that chosen one as you spend more time to code backdoor instead of correcting things in the game
  22. pretty nice to hear because the lastest time i play MB2 it was mainly siege map with very few code enhancement (i mean C/C++ things).... i was thinking MB2 would make what Battlefront made...but in JKA.... it would be nice when i have more time i will perhaps come to play on MB2.... i am sorry if i hurted you saying MB2 does not have a lot of code enhancement as i didn't play on the lastest version of MB2... So sorry if i hurted you it was not what i wanted to do.... sorry for my english, i don't always find the good words to express myself and somtimes other misunderstand me....
  23. Indeed admin mod requiere 10 lines of code.... i made an admin mod starting from the raven SDK without using any other mod very easily...... All you did with your admin mod in JK2 was just 5 lines of code put with the vulcanus admin mod which had almost all compaired to what you added in your JK2 mod.... SO what you coded after the code of Vulcanus admin mod is just 5 lines of code with some bugs/backdoors in your code.... if you think JA+ is just an admin mod you didn't understand nothing to JA+..... Chosen one if you say you just mistook when coding those bugs i call backdoor (that enable anybody to have full admin access on all server using your mod), i say you are a poor coder......... So don't continue to instult me trying to say JA+ is unstable (which is not true) and trying to say i stole code or used code from other like this BOFH code.. Choosen you are pathetic and have no escuses with the backdoor you coded in your mod....
  24. looks like chosen one is lying when he says his JK2 academy mod has not backdoors.... Chosen one can you remember when all the hackers could go on your academy JK2 mod and becoming admin just changing their names with the good char sequence ^^^^^^^^^^^^? [bthis is totally unthinkable to code the admin login function under the player name handle code!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!![/b] So,chosen one , there are 2 possibilities: [*]you coded backdoors with the handling name engine in your mod [*]or you are a very bad coder that don't know how to code things properly [/list=1] once again i don't know what is BOFH until razorace told me a few weeks ago.... JA+ is the name of the mod a friend adviced me to set for my mod because i was searching to make a mod that handle several modules but all in a configurable way so that you can set everything ON/OFF... that is why the name he advice me to take was JA+ because this is JA witH/+ what you want your game look like
  25. always with you ethernal jka is dead!!! do you have nothink more clever to say? you advice to play on JK2 while there are less servers than in JKA? what is the more dead game then? lol pathetic
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