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  1. That'd be HUGE. Definitely a big obstacle with Disney, but really, Disney's massive size and possible unwillingness to listen to a smaller crowd like us just replaced Lucasarts' stubbornness. I'll be excited to see if anything comes to fruition!
  2. Awesome list. Definitely not in the right order in terms of how good the games were...but every good game they made was on there. Good to see that people aren't forgetting about Lucasarts!
  3. Thanks for picking up a copy for me too!
  4. Oh, I totally understand why they would do it that way. Just not happy about it.
  5. One thing that frustrates me about the first link is that they seem to be directing their work towards the iPad and iPhone. Seriously? They can be great devices for gaming...but c'mon...no love for the rest of us?
  6. ^Like he said, it doesn't seem like it'll turn into a Beneath a Steel Sky sequel, but I'm intrigued by the possibilities! Looks like quite a storytelling force!
  7. Never played any of the LSL games...would this one be worth a shot?
  8. Nothing, they're just too few and oldy-moldy. Besides, true userbars should be animated to fade into each other.

  9. I think I know that site. Oh that's right! I got all of these from there! lol what's so wrong with the ones right now?

  10. haha fair enough. Just as long as I know that I don't have 1 more person on LF with a personal vendetta against me.

  11. Aww nothing, like that, I may look like all icy but I'm warm.



  12. Haha, I never feel validated in anything I say to you...*sigh*

  13. What you mean my long leaves of absences that happen every so often? If that's what you're talking about, it's a combination of college, work, focusing on sports, and whatnot. I try to stay with the forums as much as possible throughout the year, though.

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