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  1. That was fantastic. Isn't it always amazing to see the amount of work people put into things like this? *sigh* I wish I was artistically talented...
  2. Wouldn't be surprised to see some swag from Doublefine. They always do a great job with that sort of stuff.
  3. It is time to get a PS4. Signed, A loyal Xbox/Microsoft lover.
  4. ^I don't understand the #5 spoiler. That doesn't make any sense since Clone Wars is still considered canon.
  5. I wonder if that's the type of music we can expect through some of the episodes....
  6. Apart from the HD remakes for the Monkey Island games, there hasn't been any sort of enhancements that I've noticed (I've purchased like 5 of the Lucasarts classics).
  7. Nope. They are all pretty much direct ports/upgrades so that they can run on newer systems. I definitely recommend buying some of your favorites regardless!
  8. Sorry for the delayed response - been busy lately unfortunately. So, just so I understand correctly, the NES is the console you're selling and the rest of the stuff is just games? More than anything, I've always wanted to try and get an SNES console.
  9. I guess I was the only one that really enjoyed that most recent Star Trek movie. But again, I never really liked Star Trek, so I'm sure that gives me a far different perspective.
  10. ^Never did like Disneyland. All the rides were far too small for this tall guy here.
  11. Are you selling any of the consoles (aside from Virtual Boy) or just games? I'd be interested in seeing a list of what you've got.
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