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  1. Sorry for the delayed response - been busy lately unfortunately. So, just so I understand correctly, the NES is the console you're selling and the rest of the stuff is just games? More than anything, I've always wanted to try and get an SNES console.

  2. I would honestly just sell it on ebay as a single lot. If there are any real gems in there that are worth a ton of money, you take those out and sell them individually...


    Not sure if a retro game store is gonna give you the best deal for your items but that may just be a bold assumption.


    I've been doing pretty much what you've been doing to get stuff outta the house and make some money on the side while I look for a job. I've sold a few games so far, and while there may be some "blue book" that has values of games...you really have to go with the market that exists on things like ebay and amazon to truly determine the values. Things that may be valued at $100 may only be selling for $50 online, and game stores understand the concept as well because they are competing directly against ebay, amazon, etc.

  3. Just finished up the last "season." Fantastic work - some really great storylines and even better technical achievements. I couldn't help but notice that the music selection (more noticeable themes) throughout the episode greatly added to the maturity and tie-in quality of these episodes.


    It really was bittersweet watching those episodes as I knew they were the last ones for the Clone Wars...and you could feel the "war" coming down to Episode III by the time you got to the end of the season. Unfortunately, they never were able to write-out Darth Maul...which I think is a travesty - not one that the creators of TCW had anything to do with. Really just unfortunate that not only a story arc was left unfinished...but that a major character's story wasn't wrapped up for continuity's sake.


    EDIT: Just saw that they'll be writing out his character in comic books. Which is not optimal, but I'm glad they'll be taking the time to clear up that huuuuuge loose end.


    Oh well...regardless, what a wonderful series. One that I will be sure to revisit many, many times in the future!

  4. That's a relief... but not really a confirmation since we don't know exactly what decisions they've made in terms of all of these materials that aren't the 6 main movies.


    Well as of right now, the only thing that is certain is that TCW, as it stands, IS considered canon in the eyes of Lucasfilm (and as a result, Disney). Can't imagine that the guys working on Star Wars: Rebels would be deviating from that assumption as well.

  5. @ urluckyday: Probably best that I do it now than you finding out later through some episode of Rebels that directly contradicts something that's already been established in TCW.


    lol well do you know WHAT is/has been contradicted?


    Edit: Interesting...just asked Matt Martin, an employee of Lucasfilm on StarWars.com, about this subject to see if I could get some sort of response one way or another about canon as it involves TCW and Disney. His response:


    Yes. It's Lucasfilm that makes that sort of decision.


    So to me, it sounds like Lucasfilm still has the final say in what they want to consider canon/non-canon.

  6. I mostly love the characters (especially HK-47)...

    Also love the level designs (Manaan, M4-78, Telos IV)...

    Finally, the dialogues... I literally memorised every line HK spoke out and that also helped me improve my English quite a bit, both in grammar and vocabulary... I can actually say that I was way ahead of everyone in english class just because of KOTOR:)


    That's awesome - always great to see something like a video game helping to improve a person overall!

  7. Allow me to start by saying I love the series, but I am worried they are going to to the same thing they did with origins. There was do much opportunity there to make an amazing story and they just didnt execute. I guess only time will tell if the same mistake(s) will be made this time around.


    That was made by WB Games, not Rocksteady (the makers of Arkham City). Should be a great game...plus, Kevin Conroy (the one, and the only voice of Batman) will be reprising his role. Should be a fun finale!

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