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  1. Whaaaat?! When is it airing in the US? I was under the impression that they were grouping together episodes to make 3 feature-length shows to finish it up.
  2. As am I! I'm really getting annoyed with how hush-hush they've been about closing out the Clone Wars series though. Right now, technically, Darth Maul is still alive and who in the world knows what happened to Ahsoka...which makes me think that it's entirely possible that she returns in some capacity in Rebels (the Empire is still hunting down the remaining Jedi...), so who knows! It's just frustrating that we get bits of information without anything really concrete! I want my show!!!!
  3. Great idea - who hasn't done that before? Going to North Korea just to "see the sights."
  4. ^That was actually pretty gleeful! (Catan - based on the board game, Settlers of Catan! It's a great Xbox Live Arcade game!)
  5. I've found that the SMS headphones that I own deliver some of the best sound out of the other headphones that I've tried. They do a fantastic job of making sure that the mid-range doesn't get muddied with an overwhelming job, and I love the balance overall. I'm sure that there's some science behind all this to tell me that I'm wrong, but I haven't noticed anything really lacking from them to this point - and I've tried a fair number of high-end sets before.
  6. That's awesome! If they're in shape, I don't care how old they've gotten. People age...it happens.
  7. Wouldn't be surprised if they were told to lose some weight if they were really THAT out of shape. We all know that Ford will be in shape though!
  8. Just read a story that says the rumored storyline for the possible Boba Fett spin-off movie would include retcon (retroactive continuity) where the original Boba Fett was killed and some nameless individual takes his armor before the original trilogy. It certainly sets a dangerous precedent that says you can just change parts of the story that one person didn't necessarily like - and change it in a huuuuuge way. Just in case anyone thinks that's a good idea...here's an article you should read. http://whatculture.com/film/star-wars-4-reasons-rumoured-boba-fett-retcon-bad-idea.php
  9. Whichever communist took down Lucasforums for a few days...I'll make them pay.
  10. They've released some. If I'm not mistaken, the announcement that JJ Abrams would be directing was broken/confirmed on the Star Wars Blog. I have to imagine that more and more news will be broken on the website as things get settled with Lucasfilm and Disney. A lot of things still appear to be very hush-hush, but I think that'll change sooner or later.
  11. Been following these on Twitter! Great stuff. I always love seeing behind-the-scenes pictures from Star Wars!
  12. I don't know if these two are fair. If you've seen any of Hayden's other movies, most notably "Shattered Glass," you'll see that he's actually a very talented actor, and I see why George chose him. Obviously there were cringe-worthy moments from him (most likely a result of directing rather than acting), but I think that his acting worked well for who he was supposed to be. What's wrong with having Anakin being a kid with a sense of wanting to do what's right? In my opinion, I feel like that sets it up perfectly for Episodes II/III where he finds himself in situations where it's no longer black and white/right or wrong scenarios. Anakin really wants to do what's right to help people, but he obviously appeared vulnerable when trying to figure out exactly how to do that as the story progressed. People always seemed to have a problem with the idea that that's how George "started" the story with Anakin Skywalker - I'm not sure how else he could've done it more effectively.
  13. As you may or may not know, I'm a huge 50 Cent fan, so I always follow news about him, and I just came across this today: As an owner of the original SMS Audio headphones, I can safely say that they're some of the best sounding headphones I've ever owned. You will be paying for the premium that is high-quality, vanity headphones, so these look like they'll run you $200 (which is really expensive, and I get that). Either way, I thought it was pretty cool! Original story:http://www.engadget.com/2014/01/07/sms-audio-star-wars-headphones/?ncid=rss_truncated
  14. Just watched the entire prequel trilogy on Blu Ray over the past two days (again). Forgot how much I actually liked them! Great movies!
  15. lol I'm not patient enough to wait for the entire series to be completed!
  16. I never really got into too many of the comics myself. My absolute favorite was always "Crimson Empire" but that was really the extent of my following of the EU comics. I would like to pick up some of the other storylines though. Dark Horse seemed to be a quality contributor to the universe!
  17. Can't wait for the season continuations and conclusions of "The Wolf Among Us" and "The Walking Dead." Some of the finest storytelling in any medium.
  18. I agree. I also loved the cinematic direction they took with the game. Only complaint was that it was too short - I rented it and a few days with it was all that I needed.
  19. Clone Wars ended just as it was getting really good! It had a much more mature tone by the end of season 3 through season 5. I have to imagine that it'll stay that way for the new series...but I could be completely wrong! lol
  20. Bioshock Infinite was by far the best game of the year. All facets of the production were top-notch.
  21. Free to play?! Meaning I'm gonna have to make a ton of microtransactions to have any real fun with it...
  22. Man...I really wish I could get into the first Witcher - it's so damn slow to start! The rest of the series looks like it's shaping up really well!
  23. That's what I thought as well...but after doing a little bit of research, it appears that Bail's wife, Breha, died on Alderaan when it was destroyed. Leia would've known who was who at that point.
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