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  1. nope u didn't tebs bang on target btw tebs, i got EQ2! let me know what and where you play if u still do
  2. hey ya Leemu still flirting to ya best abilities? hhehe or didnt the ingame missus get ya tied down at last? Congrats on 25 Tebs and aww a little kitten.. how cute! my cat is still a pain in the butt but hes still lovable lol. Glad your enjoying the game lil dude and well the bombings.. hmm.. i was ok but my x hubby was on one of the trains hes ok, thankgod, but was a close call. the second set of bombs that thankfully didnt go off, the bus one, was just outside my best mates house in hackney.. so glad they failed. she has a 9yr old daughter and they couldnt get home for the night and im just releived they wernt home and it didnt explode. Not nice times here right now, another attack is expected at any time, and i never knew we had so many armed police here. seems like a gun is being weilded on every street corner, something us Brits are not used to. Feels like there is an invisible war going on Thanks for your concern tho
  3. Hey Guys, Just thought i'd say hello and see how everyone is doing? My life has changed quite drastically over the past month or so. I'm studying hard at my PC engineering after passing my high lev English and Maths exams , and also packing to move! I am going to live near my Mum as she is quite ill with cancer and I want to help out as much as I can without being too under her feet kinda weird as my Gran is moving near her to, seems my whole family is reuniting, shame its under such horrid circumstances I think living back down the west country of England will do me good as thats where I am from. Hopefully in a year or so I will be going to Canada to live. A good friend of mine that I worked with for many years in London has moved back there to run an Organic Farm and Winery. He wants me to be his Marketing manager and wine tester LOL! I will get my own place on his land and possibly my own brand of wine hehe This is also great for me to catch up with my US friends. My BF is on his way over here soon for a visit for christmas and my birthday, which should be a fun family thing. As for gaming, i dont have much time anymore. SWG is now removed from my pc, but god i do miss the old times. i frequently think about reinstalling, but after the beta test of RotW I just didnt feel it was the same place anymore I still play WoW now and then, mainly to help out my guild in a few instances with my 60 warrior, but apart from that i play games that dont waste me so much time hehe. Anyways, would be great to hear what some of ya are up to. have fun and take care guys
  4. Sad news indeed.. shame lives change and people move on. were times i wished i could envelope into a time capsule and keep it just there forever.. but alas that cant be done. Corzip dont worry, u will always be a special friend to me no matter what happened, we went through alot toghter and those thoughts will never be lost. in reply to naxus post. think u will find i didnt Lure u anywhere, u came on your own free will, and good job u did or you wouldnt have met all these great people also to clarify another note, Jorrus was given to me.. final story, wasnt yours to give away actually but glad u gave it to a friend indeed. Shant meantion the things of mine u deleted and caracters that somehow mysteriously dissapered anyho... glad to hear some are actually getting lives and finding an outdoor world. i however could be delved into WoW even deeper as i made it though to interviews for Euro WoW GM.. also just passed my Higher English exam with a distinction and working on Higher Math.. also starting a Microsoft PC engineering course A+ in the next couple of weeks, one day i will be able to build the Ultimate Gaming Machine.. hehe. one hectic life for me right now.. Anyhow good luck everyone on your next lives and Euro WoW people beware.. i could be watching your skies..
  5. JunoXanadu


    if ya gonna be like that.. actually i only posted about wow cause others had, guess this will be the last u here from me then as i dont play SWG anymore.. nice having fun with ya all bye
  6. well soon as this is a SWG thread gone WoW (sorry Tebs, GET WoW ), i will post up my achivements i have a lev 34 warrior.. but warrior kinda sucks right now so i got 6 other alts haha. lev 26 Druid Lev 20 Mage etc etc.. they r just a few of them . i have been busy getting my guild forums on the go also, got over 30 members lol. kinda surprised hehe. I also have appied for a postion as a GM in the WoW Europe hope i get it even if i do have to move to France , lol to get paid to play, haha, would be a dream come true, even if i have to put up with the whiners lol. *fingers crossed* anyhow hope u are all doing well. also both my SWG accounts have been cancelled now cant afford it any longer ,not for the few hours i used to get on . well have fun all no matter where u play and what on
  7. congrates mate dont listen to all these egotastical males name him what u like Vega sounds good hehe best wishes to mum xanadu
  8. sorry guys, i already have a guild running me and some friends decided to start our own , on a Normal server, as when on a pvp server i got quite angry at having to complete a tauran druid quest by going to an elf area and being attacked and well, wasnt exactly fair at lev 12 lol. If u want details of my guild send me a PM, but i guess we have all split and gone our serperate ways.. i am alliance now btw, DE BTW, Europians CAN play on US servers, just u have to import game and buy game cards from US, helps if u have a US BF or someone that can buy em for u, and an american address u can register game to, then u have access to US servers hope that may help some of yas as for SWG, both my accounts ran out. Someone who i wont mention was VERY rude to me, and kinda suggested that SWG is his game now and im not allowed to play.. well tuff i wil be back, just in smaller doses and when i can afford it, i might alternate accounts every month so i get to play some of each take care all xanadu / zennor
  9. well it gives me great sadness to say that i am gonna quit swg altoghter. Everyone moving from Cori Celesti kinda added the last string to my bow. I had some time to think about it and its what i think i want to do. Cori was the last thing that was really keeping my tied down, and now i no longer have the people that i want there, it is time to move on. Nice meeting you all and thanks for the good times, hopefully our paths will cross in the future. I will be around sometimes in the next week tidying up some lose ends but i really feel this is the end for me now. Sorry I will miss you all Xanadu
  10. I dont know what to say. Xanadu isnt leaving... ok zennor is but thats only coz i cant afford it. Yes Star Wars has grown boring for me, so /bow jan, i totally agree with you, someone needs to come up with some new stuff. I will get into WoW eventually but only coz its a game where theres no pressure to sign on everyday, no maintence and such, i need to get a real life so i hanvnt to much time on my hands these days. I forget to do stuff on SWG and things get destoyed. I really hope the guild dosnt dissapear :/ u guys have worked so hard. and also what of Cori? i guess that will bite the dust now as half the residents will be gone. Thats a shame, but i guess we had a laugh,and i cant stay there forever. /salute to all u guys, if i dont see u ingame at the times i will be on, i will be on these boards Xanadu
  11. JunoXanadu


    OOO i was in WoW US beta aswell and yes a truly awsome game, shame its regional as that put me off buying the game. I had an amazing 2 weeks there and really did love the game play, quests, traveling, pets , goddammit everything hehe, even the money was such a basic but great way to save, when i got my first gold peice i was really made up lol.. I really want to be able to play this game with whom ever i want tho, and im not so lucky as to have a US address or bank account, so basically leaves me desperatly trying to learn german, spanish and french, or just waiting to see if they will losen up on where you can play, coz i know alot of people who are not buying now coz of this, and i know from the beta forums many many many are feeling the same way. BTW i tried Elf, Dwarf, Toll & Undead, loved em all.. each has a caracter trait that makes it great for whatever purpose u like. even fishing and things like that were fun and great ways of earning money. i so want to play this game GRRRRrrrrrrrr *itches* *twitches*
  12. JunoXanadu


    WOOHOO!! well done Zeto
  13. ok Vega i placed a backpack in your house with loads of crates of variuos things, i got alode more loot plates coming your way also.. NS plates, Rancors etc..
  14. OOOOOMMMMMMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!! it came today....... YAY!!!!!
  15. Just for fun thought i'd do pole / vote / bet / whatever , to see when your JtL will be through to your belief weather u got already, to having to wait a month for release, please vote This includes everyone.. preorder and just normal buying from shops
  16. Well the news of my side of the race is... 1hour in front of Corzip Philidelphia was last leaving place .. so ts in transit to the next place.. bets on where that will be? i think either miami or new york... either or any place its certainly a more traveled package than i've ever been
  17. bah mine still says.... ships in 24 hrs... come on Gamestop!!! you can beat EB!!
  18. today is a very sad day for me mine and i know for many others across the world will very much miss listening to Radio 1's longest running DJ - John Peel. He was 65 and died on a working holiday in Peru, suffering a heart attack. Now for many of you prolly wondering who the heck John Peel is.. well if it wasn't for this man, there would have never been any punk, Rock, Indie, Hip Hop blah blah blah music in the UK or possibly the world. He was still very much the ONLY DJ on world wide Radio that never had a set list of records to play.. for the past 40 years.. he played from top bands to the compeltly unkown. He interviewed me also on UK TV's Channel 4 - Sound of the Suburbs - where he asked me about my DJing , he was a very lovely man and a kind friend in the future with the help he gave me by playing some of my friends records out on international radio 1, when i sent them to him. John .. my heart goes with you. A little peice of my soul and music history has died today, as he introduced me to so many new types of music. Again rest in peace John Peel , you will never be forgotten
  19. please be warned that what i read on the BETA update.. please check first if that is live!! I remeber reading it on the update panel when logging into beta, and i have not read on the live site yet.... so wait until u get verification before you go ahead and take up stuff
  20. i think i remember reading on beta forums that you need to redeed the guild halls and factorys to reclaim the lots... just be warned.
  21. it was quiet funny actually hehe, had me /rofl ing for awhile it was resolved pretty easily buy logging in and out again, or if that fails you can use a "/escapepod yes" command. that takes you back to the planet. having experimented the last few days tho, that problem seems to be fixed clasic pic tho, one i'll keep for awhile hehe .. wait till u see the fountians on a ship, ready for a wet ride hehe
  22. http://www.swgscreenshots.com/index.php?request=category.viewmembergallery&userid=1161&photo_SID=f60ea0db7451b2060b738b67f0a hey folk please click the link above, i will be adding to the gallery as i tour more galaxies YAY for the NDA being lifted!! pretty much everything is ingame now except space being activated, so no point going on about the new clothes , armour etc etc.. btw, new dances too tons of new stuff the get yer heads around I also tested out venders on the Vet reward ship and for now yes they do seem to work so im a very happy bunny indeed I havn't taken loads of pics of space, just so you will alls get a surprise once ya there, but theres a few tasters on there
  23. JunoXanadu

    Star Wars

    I been thinking about all the recent feelings of not feeling starwars, but when i watched the films it bought it all back for me I just had to visit Tatooine .. and yes I did feel like i was there, im glad this is still the case.. and ow space being on the way.. cant wait
  24. HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!! congrats mate, hope u had a great day
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