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  1. Tales From The Borderlands felt like Telltale getting back to funny adventures. It was great. Broken Age isn't really fair as only half came out this year. Game of Thrones felt a bit off to me, like Telltale were missing a few points (like decent character interactions) that makes GOT so compelling. Massive Chalice was great but needed a bit more zing.
  2. A while ago Laserschwert and his magic skills posted exactly what you're looking for: printable hi-res poster versions of most LucasArts game covers, with as little or more information covering the art as you'd want. Fate of Atlantis, Infernal Machine, Emperor's Tomb and even Staff of Kings included! Find them here!
  3. I was about to say the same thing...
  4. Unfortunately, not a chance. The mere mention of "hiding it until I strike a deal with Disney" is more than a little unrealistically hopeful.
  5. I've recently played through and enjoyed Alice: Madness Returns. It's a crazily insane platformer with more than a hint of Psychonauts about it. It was therefore with coincidence that I found this character hidden away in a secret area of Queensland: (Excuse the poor image quality as I have the 360 version) Now doesn't that character look extremely like Razputin? Even down to pulling this pose? I was still willing to write it off as a coincidence as I didn't think there was any connection between Alice, the Spicy Horse team, American McGee and Double Fine... but then at the very end, dug in the credits: "Special Thanks: Tim Schafer" Did Tim help them out with some parts of the game or something? Or did they just love Psychonauts so much they stuck a skeleton Raz in there and thanked Tim anyway? Either way, yay!
  6. The worst one is The Idiot's Lantern in Series... 2? Anyway, there's a bit near the end where the music gets so loud you literally cannot understand the people talking on screen.
  7. Oh yeah, I forgot the damn pirates.
  8. Heh, you're referring to the final episode eh? I enjoyed it, but know what you mean and totally agree. Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) I loved the idea of there being an army of religious nutjobs so terrified of the idea of the Doctor that they were determined to bring him down, and the Headless Monks were terrifying themselves. The new stuff, in short, was great. What I hated though is the desperate need to call back everything in Matt Smith's (and ONLY Matt Smith's) time as the Doctor, Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) with the one big exception of that Sontaran Nurse - who I rather liked and don't know where he came from, so I'll let him pass. Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) But Silurians? Especially a Silurian in Victorian times having a cross-species lesbian love affair? That would've powered it's own episode, but here it makes no sense! The Silurians aren't space warriors! Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) It was the appearance of "Danny Boy" and the squadron from Victory of the Daleks that threw the whole start completely off. Surely the Order's got better starfighters than space-worthy Spitfires? And surely the Doctor's got other friends with better starships? And where did they come from? He can't have hidden a squadron of fighters in the TARDIS! Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) What annoyed me most however was the Cybermen. When I saw a snapshot of them months ago from the mid-season finale I was excited, I thought it's about time the Cybermen got a decent epic story - especially with Moffat's recent "no Daleks" promise. Then they were disbatched within seconds, making them even the most ineffective and useless they've ever been. And while I'm at it, are these our universe's Cybermen? If so, why do they have Cybus logos? And if not, when did the Alternate Reality Cybermen get a fleet? I thought the ones in The Next Doctor were the last. Oh well. Over now, and I'm more intrigued about where it's going next. Oh, and incidentally - exciting news for Classic Doctor Who fans. Much like the DVD release of The Invasion, the upcoming release of The Reign of Terror (William Hartnell story set in the French Revolution) will have its missing episodes animated. The only trouble is, I actually preferred the animated Invasion episodes to the original stuff! It looked much better!
  9. Not ISOs, it's their own type of Setup/ZIP file. You download that, run it, and the game installs. Very easy, second only to Steam in terms of simplicity.
  10. It should be pointed out that even if it's EA, at the CDP Spring event they said that two of the other publishers were very close to being signed for later this year.
  11. I'll have to wait and see with the rest of the season, but it has the potential to be. I loved episodes 1, 2, and 4 unconditionally, 3 was a wasted opportunity, and these last two... I'd say they were good, but not spectacular. I don't think the premise really deserved two episodes. It was clearly drawn out into the series plan before being scripted, and so apart from the ending and the Doctor's ganger there really wasn't much to it. Still, I appreciate the Classic feel of it, right down to lots of things that haven't been referred to recently - like jelly babies or the Cybermats (well, apart from the Blood of the Cybermen adventure game on the website). When the ganger Doctor is struggling to "adapt to his regenerations" near the beginning his voice changes for one line about jelly babies. It's Tom Baker. Jesus Christ, we're on the last episode already! When does the second half start again?
  12. Particularly that escape from King George's mansion, yeah. Zombies who can still speak, fight and are generally formidable are definitely in Zombie LeChuck park. Blackbeard though actually seems less LeChuck-like than he was in the book, where his voodoo powers and ability to resurrect himself in another form were more important.
  13. Rebuilding the console in The Five Doctors? When? And I thought the swimming pool was ditched along with the Zero Room in Castrovalva, but could be confusing it with Paradise Towers. I think it possibly happens again in an 8th Doctor audio adventure. Anyway, 'The Rebel Flesh'. I vaguely enjoyed it, cheap as it felt, but even with that ending I'm not sure where they can go with a second episode. Surprise me Matthew Graham! Still, it feels good to have an almost proper Classic-feeling episode right down to a cliffhanger. And where does the Doctor know the Flesh from? The gravitas he gave it makes me suspect a major enemy, but who?
  14. War Games, yeah! Oh, and the Eye of Orion from The Five Doctors. I also think the swimming pool was chucked sometime by the Fifth Doctor too, possibly in Castrovalva, I have a vague memory of Tegan being on her way there to have a swim when he did it. I do like how the "alternate" TARDIS looks a little bit Classic.
  15. Ack, not too worried about that particular part. It's been and gone about 2 or 3 times over the course of the series.
  16. Happy Birthday! And totally agree. Curse of the Black Spot I had high hopes for (Doctor Who and Pirates! What could go wrong?), but it had a point at which the whole plot just basically stopped and they didn't have anywhere else interesting to go. The Doctor's Wife though - barring the slight disappointments of the "stored control room" not being a classic series control room and the TARDIS being a few identical corridors, this was an exceptionally good episode. The relationship between the Doctor and, um, Idris just makes the whole thing - as it really does in every episode, it's just never been humanised like this!
  17. My head hurts after thinking too much about Day of the Moon (it's getting like bloody Lost), but utterly loved it. Some pointers (SPOILERS): Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) - That bit with the hatch and the futuristic woman with the Odin-like metal eyepatch totally screwed me up. I could deal with everything else in the episode, but that's one question too far! So... is... Amy... dreaming? AARGH! - Did the Doctor really just command the human race to kill every Silent on the planet? We're getting back to the sneaky manipulative Sylvester McCoy Doctor who "hands-off" got Davros to blow up Skaro, excellent. If mean. - She's... a... Time Lord?! Lady, whatever. And maybe Amy's her mother?? Ow, another headache. - To be fair though, creepy as they were the Silence didn't actually do very many bad things. They killed one annoying woman (who didn't want them to?) and got the human race to go into space so they could have a spacesuit for that little girl. That giant mutant clam in Genesis of the Daleks was more evil than they are. - But forget that... PIRATES!
  18. I've updated the Contact Us page with just simple emails for now. The site will continue to be updated the second we get some solid Indy gaming news to get us all excited again.
  19. Which one do you mean Dominus? Last Crusade, Fate of Atlantis, and Infernal Machine were all PC-focused and Emperor's Tomb and both Lego Indy games were released on PC... but I presume you mean Staff of Kings, the most recent non-Lego one? Unfortunately no, it's not. It was supposed to be released for all systems, but after the main version got cancelled only the Wii/PS2/PSP/DS versions got released. The main version was supposed to be for 360/PS3, but Force Unleashed got a PC release so I'm sure Indy would've too. Don't worry too much about missing out on it - all the versions released are pretty terrible. They were only supposed to be the rushed-out "side-versions" to go alongside the main current-gen one.
  20. My favourite bit, which flew right over the heads of my viewing companions, was the Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) chat about the Easter Island heads and what they look similar to. Utterly brilliant.
  21. My money's on EA for the 25 game one, but LucasArts could well be one of the other two.
  22. ... but I still would hasten to buy any and all of LucasArts' all-time-classic games again and again and again and would strongly advise everyone to do so too.
  23. It has to be EA. I don't know for sure, I just want it to be. No offence to LucasArts, I want their classics re-released, but I've played all of their classics to death. EA have dozens of superb classics that are itching for a digital release, that I'll gladly snap up. What game made monsters fear you? Potentially Dungeon Keeper.
  24. I'd do anything to read Rob McGregor's Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings. He certainly would've done a better job with the story than any of the games.
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