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  1. Lets turn the argument a bit: *to be read in best yoda voice* If hypotetically you were a spammer and moderator you be would a spammer be you?
  2. Then why are we sitting here posting on Lucasforums while every thread that as much as touches the aspect of modification is locked instantaneously on bioware boards?
  3. I don't see how one would decompile binary machine code back to asci nss, Bioware themselves had to include sources for their scripts in NWN they didn't(or couldn't) make a decompiler? But if it is possible I definately think Fred Tetra can do it Otherwise perhaps we could nag Bioware to release the sources for module scripts, maybe make a petition or something if you really must have them.
  4. I myself A)do not see why "PC Version Cheat Codes" should belong to holowans(why not post on general?), as even the most computer illiterate who wanted the cheats could do a google search and fine tem in no time. B) believe that moderator associates modding with cheating and therefore decided to post here C) have yet to see that moderator actually check these boards, seems to me he just did it to be lazy or wanted to be the first one to post. Now why not remove this useless sticky and make something more appropriate that people would actually have use of?
  5. oh well maybe that was a bit harsh, I meant more in terms of the threads creator being stupid(posting these everywhere) after all(hehe) Meant no offense to cheater in general, I swear
  6. Very nice program, and it really has some potential too like others have said before me - it could become the swiss knife of kotor modding keep up the good work!
  7. It is a modification to the game, which was solely meant as a test to see what could be done and as an example to the community(hence the releasing of source code). It also had a sort of basis story-wise to explain why you would suddenly have force powers(but perhaps you never got that due to missing out of vital parts of the game by cheating?). If you want to classify that as cheating or not is your matter.
  8. exactly my suspicions confirmed; cheaters are stupid.
  9. Check out http://www.sith-res.tk if you are interested in mods. Modding is actually very much possible because of KOTORs similarities to NWN, the very stuff which makes up the story(the scripting) can be edited right now with the tools we have so don't get your hopes down so soon, with some patience much can be accomplished Just look at the kinda mods they have made for BG2, whole new worlds can be found att http://www.teambg.com for example so there is much fun that can be done with RPGs not just FPS games. Merry xmas everyone!
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