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  1. How do people judge the Voice Over as bad i'm seeing alot of people saying this whats so bad about it reason people please?
  2. This looks excellent my doubts about the game are slowly melting away
  3. I foolishly voted anakin without thinking damn it
  4. i only really posted message on forums and i didn't come on for like a year and a half

  5. Okay I meant no offense, but it is just a little weird that you are here since 01-01-2004 and you haven't got any Visitor messages:D

  6. sorry man havn't had much time to chill on the pc. Anyway i'm good man was reading the sw:tor thread about the cinamatic i thought the trailer was fantastic best cinamatic i think i've ever seen been try too stay tune into E3 to see what happening with the games i'm looking forward too li

  7. You don't talk much, do you?

  8. the most exciting cinematic i have ever seen in my LIFE WOW
  9. Hey Venom, how's it going?:)

  10. I am thinking of installing Kotor 2 on my pc but i would like to know what are the best mods to have or the must have mods that will improve the overall gaming experience because perviously i have installed too many mods and i never know what mods are what or which go with which. Any help would be much appricated:)
  11. I watch ufc and sometimes mma events i think it great cause it's real. I used to watch wwe but it became really BS. I'm also playing ufc undisputed which is a fantastic game with so much depth to it.
  12. Stargate one of the best sci fi show's Stargate:Atlantis i can see why people don't really care for it but it still a great show. Farscape fantastic sci fi show some of the best acting, writng and aliens you'll ever see and a must see if you wanted to watch a good bit of sci fi and not forgetting Firefly also really good watch firefly first before serenity
  13. Good review i agreed with some of the points but i agree with the others about proxy his primary programing is to kill you and he even says it he saw that moment as his best chance to acheive that so it made all the sense in the world to me. I personal like the ds ending because you become a slave to palpatine because too many times in star wars games when you go ds you become this all powerful ruler whch is like what?? after you give into you hatred you basically become palpatines whipping boy
  14. Firefly was a great show and it was a shame i like how it wasn't this advance society like star trek and humanity has basicly brought its problem out into the galaxy. There had such fantastic epsodies and character and the show really go f**ked over by fox. I watched the film first and then brought the series but if you've got the choose you should watch the sereis first because you knw the characters better and feel for them more
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