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  1. How do people judge the Voice Over as bad i'm seeing alot of people saying this whats so bad about it reason people please?
  2. This looks excellent my doubts about the game are slowly melting away
  3. I foolishly voted anakin without thinking damn it
  4. i only really posted message on forums and i didn't come on for like a year and a half

  5. sorry man havn't had much time to chill on the pc. Anyway i'm good man was reading the sw:tor thread about the cinamatic i thought the trailer was fantastic best cinamatic i think i've ever seen been try too stay tune into E3 to see what happening with the games i'm looking forward too li

  6. the most exciting cinematic i have ever seen in my LIFE WOW
  7. I am thinking of installing Kotor 2 on my pc but i would like to know what are the best mods to have or the must have mods that will improve the overall gaming experience because perviously i have installed too many mods and i never know what mods are what or which go with which. Any help would be much appricated:)
  8. I watch ufc and sometimes mma events i think it great cause it's real. I used to watch wwe but it became really BS. I'm also playing ufc undisputed which is a fantastic game with so much depth to it.
  9. Stargate one of the best sci fi show's Stargate:Atlantis i can see why people don't really care for it but it still a great show. Farscape fantastic sci fi show some of the best acting, writng and aliens you'll ever see and a must see if you wanted to watch a good bit of sci fi and not forgetting Firefly also really good watch firefly first before serenity
  10. Good review i agreed with some of the points but i agree with the others about proxy his primary programing is to kill you and he even says it he saw that moment as his best chance to acheive that so it made all the sense in the world to me. I personal like the ds ending because you become a slave to palpatine because too many times in star wars games when you go ds you become this all powerful ruler whch is like what?? after you give into you hatred you basically become palpatines whipping boy
  11. Firefly was a great show and it was a shame i like how it wasn't this advance society like star trek and humanity has basicly brought its problem out into the galaxy. There had such fantastic epsodies and character and the show really go f**ked over by fox. I watched the film first and then brought the series but if you've got the choose you should watch the sereis first because you knw the characters better and feel for them more
  12. Mine would be Revan cause it was far more engaging and worthwhile and found it to be so much better than the Exiles
  13. I'm going with the jade empire one because it had such a personal touch and it took so long too set in motion if it wasn't for a certain water spirt he would have totally succed with his master plan
  14. Love the shows as you can probarly tell from my stargate stuff the films are gonna be good cant wait atlantis has started of witha bang i was shocked to hear and wanna see how their work that in plus the weir thing i was like whow
  15. As you can guess from the title IGN London are hiring read below to see about it http://uk.xbox360.ign.com/articles/825/825234p1.html As an entry you need to write 500 words about a game of your choice I decide to write about Star wars Knights of the old republic and I have written about it here Star Wars: Knights of The old republic The Canadian developers Bioware is well known for making great RPG weather it be Baldur’s gate or Jade Empire, Bioware offers you a great role playing experience no matter what you own personal taste. This is exactly the case with one of Bioware greatest achievement to date Star Wars Knights of the old Republic .This games draw’s you in from the get go as soon as you see the start menu, your nemesis the towing sith lord Malak staring at you almost daring you to play the game. From then on you create you own character. There are three basic classes, the soldier is straightforward but very strong, and he or she begins with proficiencies in various types of weapons and armour and gains the most vitality points per experience level. The scout is slightly less tough than the soldier but gains more skill points per level, thus allowing him or her to do such things as repair droids, pick locks, and disarm land mines. The scoundrel is physically the weakest class but can disappear from sight by using stealth abilities while in stealth he or she can inflict great damage if a foe is caught from behind. Your choice of gender also has a bearing on the outcomes of some situations. From here you press start and this is where the legendary star wars music kicks in and your thrust into the star wars universe where fighters blast away at the ship your on and suddenly your in the middle of a battle, this is where your adventure starts. In the game you will explore many different areas, interact with many different characters, settle many different disputes, solve many different puzzles, and engage in plenty of combat. Combat appears to be in real time but actually uses a turn-based system, which means that your character's statistics, attributes and your strategy which you will have to keep adapting to different situation. You don’t under take the game alone you have 9 party member with you in the game some you have to take with you some not so much but you spend many hour laughing and sobbing with them especially with your own lovable assassin droid whose funny story will have you spending many hour talking to him just to hear the same story over and over again. All through out the game you will be given choice’s to make and depending on what options you choice you gain point towards either the light side or dark which is the centre of the star wars universe. These can range from mundane choice to choice that will decide you overall fate within the game. Unlike other games you'll always be an active participant in the storyline, rather than an observer. You can do so much in the game from becoming a bounty hunter to an assassin; You'll investigate murders, resolve cultural disputes, find a cure for a deadly disease, take sides or play both sides against each other in various conflicts. There's just a lot to see and do in this game, and it'll last you a good 40 hours from start to finish, I myself was finding excuses to play the game anything from five more minutes to making up reason to stay off from college. Plus it has great replay value; you always want to go back to it and do it with another gender, class, side (light or dark). No matter how you play the game this is one of the greatest RPG around and it will have you searching deep inside yourself to make the hard choice. I've made some minor amendments plus i don't know if the gammar is right or not because american spell thing different form british people will have to look into it Now any comment about the article or pointers to help with it would be much appreciated. Please do not post random stuff for the sack of it Thank you for Looking and helping me out
  16. I liked the book it gives you a good back story for the game and i throughly enjoyed it and was reading it every minute i could and I'm kind of disappointed about the date i think there put it so far back for the Christmas rush
  17. I think i must have write this question wrong ,i know what the difference is looking at it one got one side full of chips the other has two. I mean whats the difference internal does it work faster or is it just like that? also another question how do you know if it single sided when it doesn't actually say it in the desription do shops use terms to say it without saying it because i see unbuffered floating around alot?
  18. I have recently discovered that my motherboard only takes single sided PC3200 Ram and it was a blow since i just brought two 512mb of double sided anyway my question is... whats the difference between single sided ram and double sided?? Moved this to our Tech forums ~ Cz
  19. I was under the impression the force bond is still there but since Kreia's dead its just a hollow place within the exile where the bond was well that what the Disciple says
  20. I give it to bastila because she's not overly slutty like mira i mean what was with the armour someone could blast her in the chest and bye bye mira
  21. I knew KOTOR was coming out and one day found it in the local blockbuster rent it, Finished it and then i went and brought it Sith lords brought it the day it came out i still wonder if i should considing how it turn out
  22. I tend to always want to play kotor after seeing something star wars or lightsaber i'm like "i must use it"
  23. I like the contrast between the colours
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