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  1. It's good to see your bold italics again, Darth333. :) Hope you're having a wonderful new year.

  2. I just stumbled into the forums and saw your name decked out in pink. Happy birthday! Hope you're having a good summer. Just got back from Europe a couple days ago.

  3. What's up Mo No! :D Good to see you too!

  4. That could well be the nerdiest thing ever posted on youtube.

  5. tk102

    Hey Jeff, I'm doing well! Glad you're holding down the fort. Cool that you caught the end of Comic-Con. :) Have a great August my man and I will look for your status updates.

  6. (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.)

  7. That's awesome SD! Tom just sent me a message saying the same. He also said he couldn't remember your name since he was kind of drunk at the time. Yeah, the guy is a very talented tight drummer. His timing is also great in conversation making him a natural comedian. Currently at work at the moment but I will happily give the links a listen. Thank you!

  8. You misheard. He said you should be brewing me. As in getting me a homemade beer. To which I heartedly agree. I've got a gourmet burger for you in return.

  9. I just did that yesterday. You are onto me. Am currently running some sidequests for the Nosferatu. Obfuscation makes some of these a cake walk. :)

  10. You're doubly kind. :D

  11. You are right again Sam. :) That's pretty impressive stuff. I haven't heard anything like it.

  12. Think he meant avatar (Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty) :)

  13. Could I try one of those peanut-butter chocolate chip cookies you've got there?

  14. I highly approve of this and will forever consider this alternate.

  15. Uplink is a fun game. I am glad to have your approval on this :thumbsup:

  16. Samuel, I wanted to tell you. The bacon flowchart you gave out awhile back found it's way to the men's bathroom at my work, taped above the urinal. Evidently people liked it enough to keep it up for 5 days, and their dogs are happier for it.

  17. Tell me that's a parody. :o

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