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  1. Hey T7,


    As best I can tell, filefront is down for good. Does Weapons of the Old Republic still exist anywhere, or is it dead?

  2. I had to download this the other day. Saw it running on a co-workers ipad and I was sold. Controls are pretty. Turning around can be awkward and the as others have pointed out the graphics are not as good as a highend PC from 2004. Now if i could just figure out this jail breaking thing, I would love to try and get my old mods installed.
  3. It's the Death Mask. You can find it near the End of Onderon(in a chest). or you can cheat.

  4. Heyo, been looking at USM and was wondering if you knew off the top o' your head what this mask is http://knightsoftheoldrepublic.filefront.com/screenshots/File/73530/21

  5. you can use source the scripts.

  6. Oh, *crap*.

    Ok well I needed to ask you if it would be alright to use a few of USM's scripts just as templates for mine.

    Actually, I still dont know if it will ever get "released" anyway, so...

    ok thanks.

  7. Hi Kuai-Donn Jorn,


    I will have to decline. I don't really mod any more.

  8. Well, hello there.

    Hows it goin? I have a saber mod for TSL in the works and was wondering if you might be interested in donating a few *new* saber models/textures.

    As you can probably guess, I used USM for months, and am new to modding, and liked your stuff so wanted to ask you directly.

    If so, just PM me, I'd be *overjoyed* if you would...heheh.


  9. Civ IV was fun for a while but the appeal of the game didn't last as long as civ 3 for me. I hope CIV V will change up the game play and not be just more of the same with better graphics. I don't really see how the Hexagons will make a real difference. you could always move your armies in 8 directions terrian permiting.
  10. T7 do you have the tk102 birthday mod still?If you do could you post in kotor files?Please.

  11. Hello Wolfskin75, there are many threads in holowan labs that will be able to assist you in making your own mods. lots of helpful people over there too.

  12. Thanks for the birthday greets guys. Nice to know I'm still remembered.
  13. I love some of your hilts for the mods and I using it... the problem is that some of the cooler hilts.. (well all of the cooler hilts) don't include orange as a color nor and I find the right looking crystal in that color either. I was wondering if I wanted to try this on my own... what tools would I use? and I felt funny posting this in a open forum. but I think I am going to.

  14. I wouldn't be able to help you with that. USM doesn't change anything to do with the lab or work benches.

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