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  1. Did the creation of this website really start in 1969 or is that just a big goof?


    According to legend, the forum was originally a front for the cabal that staged the moon landings. It is said that if you peer closely into the vBulletin code at night, somewhere amidst the outdated smileys and unused profile features, they still lurk, watching, directing world events in a shadow dance behind the scenes.

  2. What a year this has been. From Ubisoft Montreal's credibility dropping into a hay cart to BioWare's being restored, Telltale firing two barrels at once and Kickstarter projects finally coming alive.


    Vote for your favourite games of the year, and let's see how it stacks up to everyone else's valuable opinions. Usually I'd say keep it to three choices, but half of you don't even listen, so yeah, go crazy.


    Games have mostly been chosen for their popularity and critical success. As this a multi-platform poll, re-releases and delayed ports have been omitted. Early Access games are omitted, and episodic games that have not been completed are omitted. They get their nominations in the year they are finished.


    Past Winners

    2013 - Grand Theft Auto V and The Last of Us

    Runner-up - BioShock Infinite

    Rejects (winner Batman: Arkham Origins)


    2012 - Mass Effect 3

    Runner-up - Assassin's Creed III

    Rejects (No winner)


    2011 - The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

    Runner-up - Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Portal 2

    Rejects (winner Dead Space 2)


    2010 - Mass Effect 2

    Runner-up - Fallout: New Vegas

    Rejects (winner Amnesia: The Dark Descent)

  3. There's a game by the name "Cult", an old, very low-fi indie game. The lone developer was Israeli, that's all I remember. The game is set up as you being an investigator infiltrating a cult building and trying to resolve a hostage situation... or some such.


    The Dead Space trilogy involved a cult as a major plot element (a very unsubtle satire on Scientology).


    Come to think of it, cults sound like a very common horror trope.

  4. How am I feeling today?: Scavenger

    Will I get far in life?: Flowers

    How do my friends see me?: Run!! Run!!

    Where will I get Married?: Trust Me

    What is my best friend's theme song?: BEATBOP

    What is the story of my life?: 終わりのはじまり [Ending of the Beginning]

    What is/was high school like?: Mortuary

    How can I get ahead in life?: Technical Difficulties

    What is the best thing about me?: Spy In The Cab

    How is today going to be?: Full of Fire

    What is in store for this weekend?: Door To The Future

    What song describes my parents?: Dark Interval

    My grandparents?: Golden Horde

    How is my life going?: NURSE CAFE [of course]

    What song will they play at my funeral?: Antikrist

    How does the world see me?: Approaching Target 3

    Will I have a happy life?: The Idea Of Independence And The Reason Why It's Austere

    Do people secretly lust after me?: Pretty Like Drugs

    How can I make myself happy?: 粉雪 [Powered Snow]

    What should I do with my life?: Overtake

    Will I ever have children?: Death Approaches

    What is some good advice?: Go Tell It On The Mountain

    What is my signature dancing song?: Adrenochrome

    What do I think my current theme song is?: Beni Beni

    What does everyone else think my current theme song is?: Leave The Light On

    What type of men/women do you like?: Coiled in Wings



    How many total songs?

    Home: 11,317


    Sort by Song Title - first and last songs?

    First = "For Your Own Benefit" - Philip Glass

    Last = 黒の図表 - 頭脳警察


    Sort by Time - first and last songs?

    First = Bonus Track Intro - Jim Guthrie

    Last = Requiem - Verdi


    Find 'sex.' How many songs show up?



    Find 'death.' How many songs show up?



    Find 'love.' How many songs show up?


  5. I've played DayZ a year ago, and it was nice. The explosion of survival games, as I see it is scratching a long-extant itch, much like isometric RPGs, puzzle platformers and space shooters, which we're seeing coming out of the woodwork now.


    They don't really do much for me, to be honest, as much as I like them in theory. The chief problem I see with DayZ and Rust is that 'survival' is just one way to look at it. By and large, they are deathmatches, except some people are not trying to 'win'. It's a genre I feel is still 'in progress'.

  6. As someone who's miraculously spent his life without watching Robocop, I can say that while I am interested in this upcoming movie, it is solely because it's from the director of the Tropa de Elite movies, which are excellent. Now if only it started Wagner Moura. ~_~

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