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  1. Happy Birthday, you!

  2. Oh, I was talking about the corrupt cops. The whole musical chairs thing, stealing from each other, etc. etc. :D Unfortunately, we don't have any BOPE here :( None that I know of, at least...

  3. Meant to show you this much earlier, but you were on your Skype break or whatever.

    (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.)

  4. Watched Tropa de Elite earlier today. It was so awesome! Glad to see that police are just as bad through all of the third world! :D The slums and everything else really made it feel just like home. :D

  5. Dravis I will get that video from you one way or another

  6. (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.)

  7. Happy Birthday! :D


  9. Well, I've got college the next few days, so unfortunately, unless you choose to use the computer in the morning, we shall be unable to meet till the end of the week!

  10. We've got a SUPER SURPRISE NEW MEMBER in the main chat. Also, why is that you're online so often without even posting anything on LF, this is baffling. x_x

  11. Well, sign in now, when I'm awake and online. Also, we don't need your mic or webcam (unless you're going to strip).

  12. Oy, sign into Skype. >_<

  13. Just tell me where you wanna go, cap'n. ;)

  14. I wanna see your twattoo. :naughty:

  15. Hey you're the one raining hell over Libya right? Great job!

  16. Why haven't I seen you on Skype more? What is it that you are hiding?!

  17. I think the picture originates from India, where we don't have any of this Dr Pepper you speak of :p

  18. Well sir, what happened of the TOP SECRET DOCUMENT? Surely you have CLASSIFIED it to the rightful authorities, namely Mr CLASSIFIED from CLASSIFIED? What reactions did you get from the appropriate censor boards, namely CLASSIFIED?

  19. I don't think you're of legal drinking age yet, so we'll have to make do with these!


  20. Sounds like it's treating you right. ;) Cheers!

  21. Why have you no friends other than MC? Or any visitor messages, for that matter? This is unacceptable! >:/

  22. Well, what can I say, I'm just psychic like that. :xp:



  23. How's it going? What's up in life?

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