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  1. Hullo there *waves*

  2. Yes of course, wired is always better than not.

  3. Stop sounding like you're my aunt or something. >:/ Wonder what's wrong with your Internet... sorry to ask something so annoying, but have you contacted customer support yet? And I'm not saying this just so that you'll feed an Indian call center worker. >:/

  4. Serves you right, traitor!

  5. No! Whatever gave you the impression that I'd defect to one of the consolers?! PC till I die~!

  6. Pakistan really isn't the sort of fundie Islamic state most other countries are; there's still a lot of people there with their heads screwed on tight. There's still a strong anti-US sentiment though, partly due to Iraq/Afghanistan, partly due to the drone strikes. The media there imagines some sort of an overarching plot by the intelligence agencies of India, Israel and the US trying to break up Pakistan.


    The thing about the Davis situation is that people wanted him hanged - he fits the exact bill they were all talking about, a white American CIA operative spying on Pakistan and who willingly murdered two Pakistani citizens. People want a proper hanging for him, not a blood money solution (which he may not have gotten away with had he killed somebody from a higher level of the social hierarchy). That the US is pulling all stops to protect him further validates their claim that the US is ready to protect CIA murderers operating in Pakistan.

  7. Not a whole lot, studying and researching stuff. Been pretty confused about things to be honest, lol


    No biggie, <3

  8. Doing well myself, thanks :)

  9. I want an explanation for why songs from Kerli's next album sound so terrible

  10. Raymond Davis got away with the US paying blood money. Guess which country is now America's best friend...


  11. *poke*

    How are you?

  12. How is blag content formed

  13. In the same way that I wouldn't show a young child an explicitly violent or pornographic movie or story, I also wouldn't expose them to the more extreme and blatantly immoral passages of some religious texts.


    Hey stop using jmac's account man this isn't funny

  14. Excuse me, but you'll have to hand over your Nietzsche 'stache for identification, miss.

  15. Testing to see if it's possible for non-Achilles people to use your visitor box...

  16. Inshallah I hope to see you this weekend

  17. Ha! Ha! Ireland beat England!

  18. But Litofsky, I'm conversing with a Japanese girl via e-mail in English and Japanese simultaneously, and we correct each others mistakes. I'll see you at the finish line! Tea or coffee? :p

  19. I really don't think Russell's Teapot is a RAAF, it's more like a satire of the conventional logic used to justify worship in God, something like that one unicorn guy or flying spaghetti. It's probably not supposed to be a genuine argument, but more like a mirror argument, to switch the sides and show them what's it's like to be you. It's smart, but won't get you any debate points (because Russell's teapot exists *ufo music* )

  20. Meh it's alright, alright, nothing to worry about.

  21. I was specifically talking about locally-manufactured fruit candy, but curse you, now I want Ferrero Roche too! And your avatar makes me crave for some Toblerone! Get away from me, evil Candyman!!

  22. Bahahaha 1520 kanji done, 50%+ completed

  23. Indeed, and I don't think I'll be travelling around for a while.

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