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  1. We approve of your new avatar.

  2. Aww nothing, like that, I may look like all icy but I'm warm.



  3. I almost wonder if we've overdone it a bit, honey. :D

  4. Interesting... I think I will take a break and visit a... site where I might find images that reveal more about this character and her fascinating traits and assets. :D

  5. My character's Lain, from Serial Experiments: Lain. It's my favouritest anime. <3


    And yours? (Though I'm personally interested in... other facets of your character...)

  6. The larger they get, the longer they take!


    Your call - I'm shy about these thread-starting things. :D

  7. Did you use them pick it back up and clean the spill too? :xp: But yes, girls gotta have their secrets. ;)

  8. Aww you *caresses your cheek* :naughty:

  9. (P.S. Please make a homosexual marriage thread in Kavar's) ;)


    Also, uhh, Justin Bieber is sooo cuuuuute!


    Or something.



  10. Where is it that you disappear off to any way?

  11. I do not have a gif as cool as that to give you, but happy Turkish holidays!

  12. Good luck with that - Skype seems to be having a worldwide outage as a result of an alien invasion/NSA conspiracy. A bunch of the Posse made it online, so keep trying and keep it on if you do get connected; it takes a while for all the connections to be established.

  13. So long as they sell AK-47s there and believe in exotic folktales, it should be okay.


    (I am so getting killed by an East European today >_> )

  14. P.S. Sorry for ending the North Korea thread with a peaceful reunification. :xp:

  15. You have to be East European to get the Witcher, Mimartinovich. :xp:

  16. is an excellent film.

  17. As of that North Korea thread, I am officially a she. :xp:

  18. Sam, did you know that northern forms existed in their own homes? A few southern vegetable forms on the mountains of Borneo.

  19. Just watched Black Swan.


    It's nothing special... just Aronofsky's best film since Requiem. :p

  20. Okay wait let me go calculate that in curryhours.


    Let's see... according to this EST of yours, I will be free:

    12:30 PM - 14:30 PM and I should be up tomorrow at what is your 10:00 PM, and should be free henceforth (assuming I don't oversleep). I might get up earlier, depending on whim, so stick around on Skype, chat with the locals, figure out what's going on in the world while you were... in that cave of yours that was international and baccalaureaty.


    P.S. You need to move to China and get rid of this timezone nonsense at earliest.

  21. You say you are free now? Freedom is a lie.


    Also, 320 Kanji downed and I CAN READ NOW. I CAN REAAAAAD.

  22. Final day today eh? WE SHALL SEE.

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