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  1. The petition was written out of speculation that there wasn't going to be any continuation of the Jedi Knight series, which I think we would all agree on would make us unhappy. Does it really matter how its written, if in the end the number of signatures is the real point that's being proven? Yeah, people might chuckle at the way the petition is written, but if they see that countless people adored previous games in the series and want it to be continued, then what difference does it make? If you want the continuation of the series, sign it. If not, don't. Chuckle all you want, but at least make your voice heard.
  2. meh... wallpaper pack available at http://www.designwhoring.com/zeeman/forge.rar
  3. working on a new wallpaper actually 1600*1200 so beware! http://www.designwhoring.com/zeeman/nebula.jpg (remember it's a work in progress)
  4. dropping by with my latest....and moeller you haven't visited site in a while
  5. ehhh...teh l4g...only can get up to about 25 before my screen starts flickering trying to keep up.
  6. Best Album: Green Day - American Idiot Best Song: Weezer - Beverly Hills Best New Artist: Flyleaf - I'm So Sick
  7. LATEST TUTORIAL!!!! ~2.2mb but you make this: (be wary if you use IE) http://www.designwhoring.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=520
  8. hey moeler i like your current one nice feeling behind it.
  9. thanks. got a tut written on it, but it's 2.5mb so i need to trim it down a bit before i post it.
  10. latest tutorial. http://www.designwhoring.com/zeeman/bgtut.jpg
  11. black nano ipod, some more money to add to my collections, pots and pans, a griddle (i moved out this year so this is great) and lots of little odds and ends.
  12. http://www.designwhoring.com http://www.chaosgfx.com
  13. stopping by to show off my latest. and a tut that goes with it http://www.designwhoring.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=439
  14. uh oh. *sigh* anyways...showing off another
  15. nice moeller. just came by to show off 2 of my latest. i made like 9 versions of this one before finally being happy.... and then gift for a friend. and here's my latest tutorial http://www.designwhoring.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=334
  16. a slightly smaller stroke around the text might make it sleeker looking
  17. pixel stretch in this case is a no-no maybe a soft smudge on a gradient background?
  18. sabre - is that from kotor2? warning - 2mb 1600*1200 WP that i made. might as well show you guys. http://www.designwhoring.com/zeeman/radioactive.jpg
  19. glad you approve. if you try something, post your results
  20. very good definitely a good first start
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