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  1. Personally, I am done with the MMO scene for good. I discovered this great thing called an Xbox 360. I could never really see myself returning to Star Wars Galaxies. It stole my soul, and I finally got it back.
  2. w00t! My account has been reactivated! I've been waiting to test Chapter 6 FOREVER!
  3. Sigh. Jedi. They'll make excuses for everything.
  4. In my short stay as a BH, I killed someone of my own faction who was away. I was so ashamed, I respec'd to Spy :| . But yeah, if you go with BH, try not to same faction hunt your comrades.
  5. No, not everyone is a Jedi. Gah, sorry, I won't start my pre-CU vet Jedi rant , but choose something other than Jedi. A GOOD class, like Bounty Hunter or Spy. Bounty Hunters make a lot of money, and when you get to higher levels, you can hunt players. They have good traps, a shield that temporarily makes you invincible, and good weapons. Spies have stealth, have the most powerful anti-cloaking device in the game, and are fun to use if you want to mess with people. Commando is a good choice, but I personally don't like then, due to their lack of skill required. They have point and click weapons that do a ton of damage, and have a strong, long lasting DoT effect. But, please for the love of God, if you choose Jedi, NEVER ask when you get your lightsaber.
  6. I THINK you CAN play as those, but it isn't they aren't the main POINT of the game.
  7. That depends what you craft. If you craft, make it be armorsmith, because the best weapons out there are looted ones. And yes, my alt is a Trader, and although he doesn't make any money at all (engineer trader), i just love crafting things from it. But yes, Traders are viable to play, but acutally, I'd recommend making your second character a trader, and making your main one a combat class.
  8. A class for you, based off of what you were, would be Munitions Trader, they are what you used to be. There is no slicing, and I haven't heard anything of them putting it back in. My view of combat classes: Commando - Ranged - Great for PvE and PvP Jedi - Melee -Great for PvE, Ok in PvP Spy - Ranged/Melee - Great for ganking in PvP, good in PvE Officer - Ranged? - Not good for PvP or PvE Smuggler - Melee/Ranged - Good for PvP and PvE
  9. I don't believe you are playing either of those in this game. It said it in the trailer, you are a part of Han Solo's Renegade Squadron. Not a droid, or a clone, or an emp.
  10. Cool. Is it true that you need to have an administrator password every time you open the launchpad?
  11. Is SWG compatible with Vista?
  12. Trandos can't wear the Restuss gloves/boots. It sucks, I know. But in the real Star Wars universe, they didn't either. i.e. Bossk didn't have either on.
  13. Name McCusto De'Taco/Mirilius Tau Faction Rebel/Imperial Class Spy CL -90/Engineer Trader CL -90 Server Bria Race Human/Twi'Lek Current Guild None/None Pilot Status Rebel Ace (Former Imperial Ace)/ Tier 4 RSF Started December 26, 2003
  14. So you can still call them without having them be turned into DNA?
  15. With Chapter 6, can you call out old pets again? I'm thinking of resubscribing again to check out the changes, so any help would be grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat.
  16. It's Wikipedia, anyone can put what they want on it.
  17. I hope they give it to the high population servers only, because Bria doesn't need another 1000+ more people.
  18. God, I hope I get a free trial soon
  19. I'm guessing the incubator will be a box for the expertise.
  20. I hope, Corzip and Imreanna, that you haven't been inactive for more than a year, or come Chapter 6, all your houses will be gone
  21. Krayt Dragons won't be available as pets.
  22. I came up with another one: Back in the original SWG manual, for factions, it said that you could convert faction points to experience points, this would give faction points a use again. Any plans for that to become a reality? Also in the manual, it said that if we ranked up, we would be allowed to call Shuttle pickups, and that the respective rank would be shown on the faction uniforms. This would make GCW alot better than it is right now.
  23. Will a former creature handler be able to call ALL of his/her pre-NGE pets with the forecoming of Beast Mastery?
  24. http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?t=176298 :>
  25. From the forums: "Beast Master Expertise System: Beast Master will contain several phases and several mini-games that will be available to all players, regardless of profession or level, through a third expertise tree. Initially, players will have to spend an expertise point on the “Incubation” skill, which will give them the ability to set up an Incubator unit in their home or player structure to create their own unique pet. After the Incubator unit is established players can head out into the wild, find a creature, and extract a sample of its DNA core. Once a player has this DNA core material and loads it into their Incubator, they can begin the process of creating their unique pet. By fiddling with a series of settings in the new incubation interface and choosing some optional enhancements, the player is able to customize their pet. Players can make the pet better able to do damage, more defensive, etc. Over a period of time, using this interface, players will acquire more ways to customize their pet through multiple sessions. Once the final session occurs, the player has an option to turn their creation into an egg. These eggs can be hatched for use by the player, or traded to others it if they so desire. Once the pet has been hatched however, it cannot be traded, so it becomes the player’s to raise. After the pet hatches, it will go through various growth stages as it gains experience with the player. Each stage will cause it to grow and learn more abilities. Through adventuring, players will learn new abilities from wild creatures that they can then teach to their pet, for example, the nasty special attacks of the Dune Kimos. Players will, however, need to ensure their pet stays happy, or it may start being disobedient or wander off. Based on the pet type, it may have a favorite toy, favorite food or a favorite planet. In addition, we are working to ensure that the pets currently in the inventories of our veteran players will retain their appearances and names. However, the details on how pre-existing pets will be able to be used in combat are still be ironed out, so we encourage you to give us your thoughts and feedback on how you would like to see this system work. Story Teller: This feature introduces new tools for players who want to run in-game events. In Chapter 6, we will be granting tokens that players can use to drop props, add NPCs, and play effects for atmosphere. The props (single objects that are placed in the game world as either function or form) may be as expansive as a grounded X-Wing, or as simple as a tiki torch, and may have container space that can be used for loot objects and tokens. The NPCs come in two varieties, combat and ambiance. The effects can be a particle effect, music, or sound effect that can be played in an area or attached to an object and can be either immediate or persistent. These items and effects should give players a full set of enhancements for their in-game events. Rebel Theme Parks: We will be revisiting the rebel theme park which starts at the hidden rebel base on Corellea. Players will be able to take part in new PvE Rebel content for level ranges 85-90, with brand new quests series’ to complete and badges to earn. Any previous completion of the theme park does not exclude participation in the new quests. Azure Cabal Quest Series: New quest content to experience as you work for Loruna Scathe and unlock the secrets of the Azure Cabal. This quest series, available to both Rebel and Imperial players, spans levels 85-90. " Sounds promising, we'll see how it ends up.
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