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  1. TK-8252, get out of my thread. I'm back -- sorry to bust your moderator bubble. I've gotten a couple of e-mails, and those who I'll let tryout will be added to the roster ASAP. Anyone who is serious about joining needs to show some activity in our forums so that when I update, I can see who's still hanging around. I have elected to avoid posting on these forums for reasons that *certain people* have squelched me from saying. Please post anything important on our forums or you can e-mail me. The website has been revamped, and everything will be current in time for release. Make sure you're ready as well. -- Van Lingo
  2. Mods are STILL moderating the wrong posts. Discuss here.
  3. Heh. Tk's jumping on my legitimate posts just to impress his superiors.
  4. Yet the feedback is met with defensiveness. That thread should not have been deleted. I will make a discussion here for the non-mods to discuss what they think about the quality of board moderation. Mods have no obligation to defend themselves -- this will be a factual outlook at how these forums are maintained. Discussion topics: Can you believe anything the mods post? Is temp-banning a defense mechanism? Is the moderation team base on favoritism? Is "mod discretion" clearly outlined in the rules?
  5. Consider this a complaint. So it's a choice not to respond... I still don't know what trolling is. Nah. I don't see why someone with the title Super Moderator under their name can't do something about it. It's the same here as it is on the phone with the mortgage company -- it's all about passing the buck.
  6. Umm... which rule (or rules) would that be? Thou shalt not disrespect those in pseudo-authority? And why would I PM the mods? PMs are just an Ignore Box. When I post, everyone sees what you have to say back. God forbid you have to be diplomatic about something. (Oh, no, I said "God"! I'm going to get banned by the Romans!) FYI, the Report This Post links don't work. Click it -- you get a nifty little "Sorry. The email function has been disabled by the administrator."
  7. P O W E R T R I P TK, it's no wonder you were made a mod -- you're nose is the same color as Jed's skid marks! This forum is an absolute wreck. And the fact that you decide to temp-ban someone just because you don't agree with them is total trash. Yet puredemon runs free for weeks to junk up the Sliced Tauntaun with posts such as: --http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?threadid=133539 --http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?threadid=133551 --http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?threadid=133550 --http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?threadid=133549 Yeah, sure, Jed and Lynk shut him down, but neither one of them are the Sliced Tauntaun mods. And there are three mods for that forum! Were any of them paying attention, or is the Mod Squad just a GURLZ ONLEE club that vacations for two weeks at a time? There is spam everywhere you look (ex: http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?threadid=133896) that goes unnoticed. The only threads that get moderated are the ones that are bold enough to say that our mods suck.
  8. Hey, why was Yaeb Ginn banned? He's the only one who makes discussions around here interesting. It takes the mods four days or more to answer PMs, so screw that. And they lock any thread pointing out their backward ways. Take up arms, forumers! Down the mods! Up the real posters!
  9. Calling someone a racist is not a flame, Jed. Especially when they're making comments against the "white middle-class". Then it becomes a statement. This thread is not a hatred thread against Jed, although it's no secret that I have no respect for him (nor him for me). This thread is about the fact that we have Louisiana cops for moderators. You know the type: they've been a moderator for so long, they consider themselves above the rules. Now they want to force-feed us all some fluffy policy? DISCRETION is the key word when speaking of moderators, and what we have at SWBattlefront.net is no discretion whatsoever. I mean, seriously, when's the last time you saw "Edited by moderator on..." at the bottom of a post other than their own? Yet the spam continues. The profanity continues. And I get a warning for sarcasm.
  10. It's got something to do with the Separatists.
  11. The only mods I ever see are the ones that insist on posting 1500-word debates on God and Iraq.
  12. I'll PM your username and pass to you.
  13. Here is an excerpt from Jed's shiny new set of "rules": Yet, not four inches from the "rule" is a hip-thrusting stormtrooper. His signature contains the quote: --Jed...I want you to know...I'm feelin it man...feelin it deep...feelin it hard...feelin it all over ~ InsaneSith Hrm...I'm pretty sure that this is a public forum geared toward a wide variety of ages. That's not very family-friendly, Jed. In fact, it's downright offensive. Then there's ET Warrior's malicious anti-religion signature: --Newsflash to the religious, SEX FEELS GOOD. That's right, it's not just for babies anymore! ...which was taken from a heated debate that remains unmoderated (although at least four moderators are involved in the discussion). Here are some quotes taken from InsaneSith's reportoire: -- lesbian spank inferno. and some other porn for the rest of eternity, sh*t yeah. --the hell are you on about? Also, from ET Warrior: --Not stupid for him, that kicks ass for him. --Which he didn't, so why the hell is he punishing them? And a couple of chunks from moderator Lynk Former: --Your beliefs IMO are ****ed up but they are your beliefs no matter how bad it seems to me, so in turn, accept other peoples beliefs. --believe what you want to believe but for f***sake let other people have their beliefs too --you're a f***ing ignorant bastard. --a lot of the things I've seen in hear are pretty f***in rediculous. --Well that was my lil bit of bitchin to you all. --then you get s*** like segregation --use the damn edit button people Here's one from moderator .:CoupeS:.: --god doesn't give a rats' ass about politics... Didn't I see something in the new "rules" about avoiding the censor and swearing excessively? Ah, yes... Two of InsaneSith's most revolting quotes: --oooh incest porn novel! --the bible, truely a great hardcore porn novel. Ugh. My favorite flames: --Say otherwise and you're a fool. -- Jed (Wouldn't have been a flame if someone wasn't saying otherwise.) --You know if you say yes to that I'll just stand here and literally say (and I don't mean this as a flame) that you're a f***ing ignorant bastard. -- Lynk Former (You don't mean that as a flame?! For the record, the other person said 'yes'.) --a lot of the things I've seen in hear are pretty f***in rediculous. -- Lynk Former --I can firmly say this thread sucks -- Lynk Former --this alone shows how ignorant you are. -- InsaneSith --your statemen that one chooses their sexuality is crap. -- InsaneSith --You, VanLingo, are quite a tit. -- PanzerTekk Jed, .:CoupeS:., ET Warrior, and Lynk Former are all "moderators" of these boards. InsaneSith is one of their romping buddies, apparently. Most of the quotes here were taken from one or two threads. Does anyone else think that if we're going to have enforced rules, they should start from the top? I was given a warning because of my "excessive sarcasm" and "provoking flame wars". The same message warned me that my "prior experience working for the site does not make [me] exempt from the rules". So am I exempt if I become a moderator? I agree that this forum could use a cleaning up. But the mods need to set a better example before chastising others.
  14. Oh, please... the SOCOM servers suuuuuuck. I wish they'd let us use our own dedicated servers.
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