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  1. Good to hear that your book has nothing to do with any established and copyrighted brands or creations. In my past I've written a couple of Star Wars stories for the sheer hell of it, but they all ended up in the bin. Stick with the original idea.
  2. Little tip, Mike Windu, despite it being far from my place to give one. Don't be a fictional character. Don't be 'Will Turner'. Be yourself. Write something that is from your pen, your heart, and not the pen of some scriptwritter somewhere. You will get much more respect and love from your girlfriend if the signature is yours, the line is yours. Otherwise you might as well buy a commercial 'Pirates of the Caribbean' themed Valentine card. Trust me, it will work. Enjoy.
  3. ET Warrior, I'm not a PC gamer. I own a PlayStation2. My PC is barely fast enough to run the internet, let alone games. The only reason that I said that people who like ALL consoles confuse me is because earlier in the post DarkLord60 asked me how I felt about people who owned ALL consoles after I stated that, as a PlayStation2 owner, I was technically required to hate Xbox users. Try looking at all the facts before making statements. Besides, what does it matter if I think '007 NightFire' is better than 'Halo'? I'm only one person, voicing his entitled opinion. I thought that was the idea of a Forum. I apologise if the idea of this Forum is to conform with everyone else or say things that you are told to say by the people who have been here longer.
  4. How can I say that 'Halo' isn't that good? Simple, just read the following line... I FOUND 'HALO' TO BE BORING. IT'S NOT VERY GOOD. IN FACT, I'VE DREAMED OF BETTER GAMES WHILE SLEEPING. AND YOU DON'T WANT TO KNOW WHAT I DREAM ABOUT, TRUST ME. There - that should secure my place in the Lunatic Hall of Fame. Seriously, though, 'Halo' is quite terrible. In my opinion, of course.
  5. Troopr-Undr-Fir, your signature is far more fascinating than anything that you could ever type in a post. Why do people automatically associate sunshine and summer with happiness? I mean, what good comes of the summer? Over winter, you have Christmas and the New Year to look forward to, whereas summer... summer is just dull. Therefore, through a very long-winded link, snow, frost and ice are all fantastic when I see them, because they remind me of happiness. Plus I'm dead inside, meaning sub-zero temperatures appeal to me. Well, I'm off to make a snow-soldier to take over the world.
  6. People who like all consoles confuse me slightly. And 'Halo' isn't particularly that good anyway. Roll on February 27th and the release of 'Everything or Nothing' for wonderment beyond limits.
  7. Hmmm... American geography... let me see... Somewhere closer to the East, nearer to New York than San Francisco? And more Northen than Southern? Apart from that, I can't do much better until I consult a map. Do excuse me, Elizabeth my dear.
  8. Good evening, lizza_swfan. I take it I can call you Miss lizza_swfan, judging by your avatar picture and the fact that your name is a modified version of Lisa? My name is Nikolai Daviolo, and may I say it is a pleasure to know that I'm not the only new user to grace the Swamp these past few days. My advice (you know, new person to new person) is to stay low, head for the exit and don't look back. The smoke grenade wears off after a while and won't cover you for long, plus I only have one left... And may I guess somewhere in America for your location?
  9. Not if I get my book published first. Absolutely not trying to steal your thunder, I just thought you might like to know that I've just finished writing the first book of a series and was wondering that, if you ever wanted to bounce some ideas around, I would be more than willing to listen. Just a like-minded person offering a hand of friendship! Although, my stories are spy thrillers. Still, technically writing is the same. Plus structure, presentation of characters, language and tenses are all important. What you've presented here looks promising, Mister WildJedi!
  10. One single Silver Line PlayStation2, complete with two silver controllers and not an oversized Xbox brick in sight. Apologies, but as a PlayStation2 owner I am automatically required to hate all Xbox users. Don't worry, GameCube people are safe... for now... Just, whatever platform you own, promise me to purchase '007 - Everything or Nothing' in February. There's a good consumer.
  11. 'The Godfather'. Draw your own conclusions, just don't upset me or you could end up as my new throw-rug. Watch out if you've got blonde hair, it matches my decor.
  12. Snows all the time here in Mother Russia. Still, nice pictures. I love snow and cold, much better than annoying sun that gets in your eyes and gives you a healthy tan... disgusting...
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