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  1. You may not have been on since February of this year....But as an old RP'ing pal and friend of mine, you deserve a visitor message!


    And so I say: "Hello! Long time, no talk! Miss you, laterz!"

  2. ((I'm so sorry I kinda left this thread in a pickle... I'll get you out now )) Rika lost patience. "Listen, you scum-ridden, poor excuse for a sentient," she snarled, drawing her lightsaber and slamming 'Katya' against a wall. "We're here for information. We're not leaving without it." "Damn you and your impatience," Katya gasped. "Leave!" "Or what?" Rika laughed. Automated defenses kicked in and Katya slipped from Rika's grasp and fled. With a scream of frustration, Rika slammed her hands together and a pulse of energy spread outward from her. The automated defenses were destroyed. "Katya has fled this outpost," Rika said, turning to her companions. "It is my duty to follow her. Raid this location for whatever information you can find. I am sorry I could not be of further service to you." She turned to leave, but then she paused as if she'd thought of something else. "Should I fail, you are the only ones who could potentially bring down Katya's crime ring. As that is the case, I'll tell you everything you need to know. "Katya Skyhawk is not her real name. Her name is Nanda Bai. She was my sister. Then, she tried to kill me and Ariana Bai became Rika Saben. Then, she staged her own death and became a galactic menace. Her outposts are scattered throughout the galaxy, but I have my own means of discovering them." She handed a datapad to Tysyacha. "These are the ones I know of and having the Republic raid them would destroy a lot of Nanda's escaping room." For just a second, she took the datapad back and recorded a message. "There," she said, looking back to Tysyacha and giving the datapad back to her. "If that message plays, send this datapad to the Republic." She bowed. "It's been all too short a pleasure, but Nanda is my responsibility now. May the Force be with you." Then, she was gone.
  3. Ali stared at Jyot for a moment before going over to Alec. "I thought I could do this," she told him quietly. "I didn't think being around Jyot would be a problem. It's not working. Sorry for the short notice, but I'm only staying on until you can get another pilot... and it better be damn soon."
  4. I'll make one final post here. FFWM, Ali's the pilot, not headhunter pilot... headhunter pilot's Kuun Lan (played by Rexraptor).
  5. Feeling just a little more comfortable now that her knives and bow were strapped to her back, Kiara approached the South Gate. At this point, her entourage was still in tow, but soon they would depart and Kiara would be alone on this quest. That's how she saw it, at any rate. Her horse, a chestnut stallion named Aras followed dutifully behind, led by the 'announcer' who doubled as a stable boy. As the little group reached the waiting quest members, Kiara took the horse's reins and gave orders for the others to withdraw. Bowing and paying their respects to their princess, they did as she ordered. Her eyes narrowed ever so slightly as she determined the only others that had arrived yet were men. That, she didn't like, but it could not be helped. She stood stiffly by Aras and observed the two men and the dwarf in skeptical distrust.
  6. "She can tell you herself," Ali's voice answered on the intercom, with a hint of annoyance. On the bridge, she rolled her eyes. Was he that uneasy about her that he asked others to communicate her answer? She thought about that for a moment before saying, "Set it to 95, Tyrell. That'll do fine."
  7. "You're a loose cannon, Sith Hunter," Aislin said, switching her saber off. Turning to the captain, she inclined her head and commanded, "If Rellis Thren will disobey a direct order from the Lord and Lady, I must turn to someone who will not. Lead the way to the lounge, if you will."
  8. Entering the banquet hall, Kiara felt decidedly uncomfortable. She was dressed in the full-body leather armor she'd grown accustomed to and her hair was swept back in a tight braid to better keep it out of her face. Precious few women were in the room; most of those seated at the table were men. It didn't help Kiara's calm that she had an escort of bodyguards and one person whose entire existence at present was to introduce her. And that's exactly what he did, after clearing his throat. "Introducing the Princess Kiara of the Amazons!" he exclaimed, and rather loudly at that. Kiara slapped him and gave hushed orders for the announcer and the bodyguards to withdraw to a distance. Then, she took her seat at the table.
  9. "I know a great deal more than you might imagine," Nanda replied in the same tone to the mechanic. When everyone had passed her, she turned, closed the door, and moved back into the room. The lights dimmed to make the room a little more pleasantly lighted instead of the blinding light it had been. "Now, first thing's first," Nanda said. "I have some... unfinished business with your friend 'Rika'. Come along, then. Step forward." "Whatever happens, you must not interfere," Rika said softly. She moved forward to face Nanda. Immediately, ray shields surrounded the two of them. "Whatever happens, you cannot interfere," Nanda mocked loudly. She drew a blood-red lightsaber from some hidden pocket in her pants. Rika countered with her own lightsaber, a dazzling green blade. Slowly, the two women circled one another. "What is it you want, Katya?" Rika asked slowly. Nanda laughed. "So are we using pseudonyms now, 'Rika'?" she inquired. "Come now, I thought we were past that." "Forget it, Katya," Rika snapped. "And forget this test of my abilities as well..." She tossed her saber lightly aside and slammed both hands forward. 'Katya' was lifted off her feet with a startled shriek and propelled backward into the ray shield behind her. Visibly stunned, she dropped to her knees. "I give," she gasped. The ray shield was deactivated and Rika moved to help Katya to her feet. Neither woman spoke as they crossed the room to join the others.
  10. "Arelyn K'zanthis," she said by way of greeting, extending her hand. Ali shook it and Arelyn took a seat next to her. "Nice to finally have another female on the ship." "I completely understand the sentiment," Ali replied. Leaning forward conspiratorially, she went on, "I just got off a two month job with nothing but drunks and losers, all men, for crew." She rolled her eyes and gestured toward Jyot. "Even that, while not wholly desirable was much more appealing than another..." She shook her head, leaving the sentence unfinished. Ali listened to the brief bits of chit chat that began popping up and then her attention was directed to the captain, who seemed to be interested in leaving as soon as possible. That suited Ali just fine. She stood and headed for the cockpit just as Jyot was trying to sidestep the fact that he'd traded something they may have needed for equipment to be used for a fun time in the cold. "He sold something important, didn't he?" she inquired, leaning in the doorway of the common room. She shook her head in partial amusement. "Idiot." She danced away into the cockpit, but in only a few seconds, she poked her head back into the common room. "Oh, and Arelyn?" she said. A grin. "Call me Ali." Then, she bounded into the cockpit, ready for the signal that all was powered on and ready.
  11. Phantom Knight, relax. Starmark is not asking if your character knows about the quest for the Angel's Heart. That hardly matters at this point. At this point, what matters is that each person joining the quest has a reason for doing so. Most of them are representatives of their respective nations (example: Kiara is the Amazon representative on the quest). So what starmark is asking is what sort of attachment/reason will your character have for joining a quest to find the Angel's Heart? In other words, upon learning what we are trying to find, what's going to keep your character from thinking, "Oh, hell no! I'm not risking my life by entering the most evil place known to man to find something we've only heard about in legend and therefore probably doesn't exist." Use a little creativity; don't demand that others be creative for you.
  12. "The bad is everywhere, Exile," a voice called over an intercom system. Speakers were placed around the pad. "There on the landing pad, here where I sit, this entire rock is saturated with 'bad'. You even bring 'bad' with you, Exile." A door nearby opened, seeming almost threatening as a deep red light spilled out. From inside, a voice called, "Welcome to the Lair." "Center yourself, Tysyacha," Rika said calmly. "We have arrived. Fear is useless to you now. Cast it off." "Pointless words, Ariana," the voice went on, and now, the red light died away, replaced by bright white lights. A feminine figure came to stand in the doorway. "Fear may be a choice, but there are all too few beings who have learned to change it." "What do you want, Nanda?" Rika asked warily. Suddenly, she looked and sounded as though she'd aged ten years. "I want you and your friends to enter," the woman identified as 'Nanda' answered. "Then, we will speak."
  13. Ali rolled her eyes. "Smartass," she muttered. "Real big advantage that gives us. We got what, two gunners, a medic, a mechanic, captain, fighter pilot, and me? Oh, right and some hypnocane-happy droid. Against one Jedi." She shook her head. "I'm not satisfied. Planning's important. Jedi'll get away... or worse if we don't have a good plan."
  14. The area just outside the cave was suddenly tossed up by the descent of a small shuttle. It landed several meters from the mouth of the cave and the boarding ramp descended slowly. A cloaked man stood at the top. "You should not have chosen this cave, strangers," the man said slowly. His voice was loud and clear. "Strangers do not fare well in the barren wastelands of Tatooine... even strangers with exiled Jedi for companions." Rika rose from the meditative position she'd taken for her night's watch and strode forward boldly. "Speak, stranger. Katya Skyhawk has sent you." "My mistress commands," the man said. "I obey. And you must obey as well. Come aboard and I will take you to my mistress. She knows you wish to speak with her." Rika nodded. "Of course she does," she said. To her companions, she said, "Kala-Naa might have given our descriptions to one of Katya's eyes. If we are to speak with her, if we are to get information from her, this is the only way." "It is risky," the cloaked man cautioned. "Katya Skyhawk has no great love for Rika Saben. Board this shuttle if you are without fear." Rika boarded immediately.
  15. "So let me get this straight," the woman huffed. "There's five of us here. We don't know where 'here' is, we're complete strangers, and we don't know who we are or where we came from. Oh, and there's a dead guy on the floor and bones scattered about." She paused for just a second. "Have I missed anything?"
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