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  1. I have listened to the music via SCUMM Revisited, and most of it is the same as it was in the '98 version, but there are a few tracks that have gotten upgrades. And it's a little hard to tell, but I think they did re-record most of the cutscene music either with an orchestra or a higher quality synth.
  2. I don't know if anyone here would know more than me, but I was wondering if there's been any discussion of an official release of the remastered Grim Fandango Soundtrack? It would be nice to finally be able to hear the cutscene music outside the game, as well as the few tracks that were re-recorded.
  3. Okay, after some investigation of my own, yes, SCUMM Revisited does work on Grim Fandango Remastered. But despite claims that the entire soundtrack was re-recorded, it sounds like a lot of it is exactly the same as the original. I think they re-recorded some tracks, and others seem to be using a higher quality, or at least a different synth than the original, but there's also a lot that they left exactly the same. Maybe they mostly brought the orchestra in for the cutscenes?
  4. I was wondering if anyone had tried using SCUMM Revisited on the Grim Fandango special edition. If so, did it work? Mainly I'm wondering about extracting the music files.
  5. Okay, all I want is to be able to play Infernal Machine on my 64 Bit Windows 7 computer. Is there a way I can do that? Or does anyone know where I can download a working ROM of the N64 version?
  6. The Mayan Calendar predicted this would happen!
  7. Yeah, Doctor Who's stories have always been serial in nature. I guess the main difference is that in the classic series they'd do four episodes for a particular storyline and then move on, whereas now it develops stories over the course of a season (or multiple seasons as the case may be). The good thing is that unlike most dramas nowadays, there are still plenty of standalone episodes that you can watch without having to have seen any previous episode.
  8. I believe it was only ever available on Disk #114 of the Floppy Disc version of Secret Of Monkey Island.
  9. Well, I realize a straight adaptation wouldn't work. But stranger things have happened. My main inspiration for this was that I think Matt Smith (AKA the current Doctor Who) would make an excellent young Doc. So come on! Use your imaginations!
  10. I tried to get a thread going on the Telltale Forum before it was rudely derailed* and ended up getting locked at my request. So let's pretend that for WHATEVER reason, Universal decided to adapt Back To The Future: The Game into a live action movie. Who would you cast in the different roles? *That is, the way in which it was derailed was rude. I don't mind a thread getting derailed, as long as it's not done in a rude way.
  11. Every time I try to install it an error message pops up saying something like it's missing resources or something. I can't post the exact wording because I'm burning a DVD right now, but it's something to that effect.
  12. So to play a game I already own I have to buy it again? That is dumb. Is there any way of making the game work on Windows 7?
  13. Hey, I bought Jedi Outcast for PC some years ago from an actual retail store. Now I want to play it again, but it won't install on my current computer. So I thought maybe I could activate it on Steam. But Steam requires the CD Key or product code or whatever, but I can't find it on my copy. Does anyone know where it would be?
  14. I'd like to add an addendum to my previous casting choices: Karen Gillan (Doctor Who's Amy Pond) as Elaine. She can act, she has a good sense of comedy, and as we've seen in the pirate episode of Doctor Who, she looks good in pirate gear.
  15. I've never noticed any problems with how the music is mixed.
  16. Anyone else here a fan of Murray Gold's soundtracks? He's such a great composer, capable of handling action, comedy, epic wonder, and high drama with equal ease. In some cases, his music kinda reminds me of some of the old Lucasarts soundtracks. This track in particular: (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.) seems to have a bit of a Peter McConnell vibe to it.
  17. I don't mind listening to it with the dialogue and sound effects and stuff. It's sorta like listening to a radio drama.
  18. To what, specifically are you referring? Because I can't think of any puzzles in the Monkey Island games that just plain don't make sense with the amount of explanation given in the game.
  19. But she doesn't contradict him or anyone else when they refer to her by that name. So either that is her real name or for some unexplained reason she just lets people call her a name that some guy made up at random without protestation, which wouldn't really speak much to her character. I'm sure any feminist could write pages and pages about the implications of a movie where a bunch of strange men hold a naked woman captive and make up a name for her (in a way effectively deciding who she is) without her permission or having her opinion or feelings on the matter considered in any way. Not to mention the fact that she comes from a race that normally seduces men in order to kill them and eat them. Heck, you could interpret this as being one of the most anti-woman movies of all time. (I'm not saying I really think that, it's just one way of looking at it. I'm kinda rambling.) Anyway, here's what I think probably happened: there was a scene or clip where she tells him her name, and for some reason the editor didn't think that was important enough to leave in the movie, so it got cut, but they forgot the scene where he tells everyone her name was in the movie.
  20. Well, I'm not necessarily bothered by the fact that there was a ritual involved. What bothers me is that no one explains *why* that *specific* ritual, with those *specific* ingredients is required. It wouldn't even have to be an elaborate explanation. They could have just said something like a voodoo priest put a protective spell over the fountain so not just anyone could use it. But that's not the only thing in the movie that should have been explained further, or at all. How does the priest know the mermaid's name? She doesn't tell it to him at any point onscreen. I suppose she could have told it to him while he was carrying her, but there's nothing to indicate that they've spoken before then. Perhaps she has psychic abilities and she told him with her mind, which would also explain how she knew not only that the final battle was going on, but also where the chalices were, and who she should give them to. But again, there is no dialogue to indicate that that is the case. The movie just makes it seem like the priest comes up with a name for her at random, so everyone calls her that name for the rest of the film as if it is her actual name, and she doesn't correct them. Then when the priest frees her, she just picks up the first shiny objects she sees and gives them to the first person she sees.
  21. Well, one way it's not like Monkey Island is that a lot of it really didn't make a lick of sense. Not to say it was confusing, but there's a lot of stuff that just doesn't work if you put any kind of logic to it. The whole ritual for the fountain, for one thing. In no other version of the legend of the Fountain of Youth have I heard of some kind of magical ritual being required in order to make the fountain work. And there's no explanation as to why the ritual has to be performed in order to make it work. Nor why they need Ponce De Leon's chalices specifically. Why couldn't they just make chalices of their own? Are there no other silver chalices anywhere in the world? The priest, for instance, probably would have had at least one chalice with him when they captured him, possibly made of silver, because priests are required to say the Mass at least once a day, and the things you need in order to have a proper Mass are a priest, a Bible, and bread and wine along with vessels to hold them (i.e. a paten[plate] for the bread and a chalice for the wine.) Of course, that is assuming that the missionary was in fact a Roman Catholic priest, which he is never specifically identified as, so it is possible that he was either a lay missionary, or a monk or friar, and it's possible he wasn't even Catholic. On the other hand, Blackbeard does refer to him as a Catechist, and I don't think there would have been a lot of unordained Catholic missionaries in the 1700's.
  22. I've wanted to read the book On Stranger Tides for years, originally just because it was an inspiration for Monkey Island, but especially now since it's the inspiration for the new Pirates Of The Caribbean movie, but I haven't been able to find it anywhere locally. So has anyone here read it? Is it any good? Is it worth ordering online?
  23. daltysmilth


    Nevermind, I finally got it to work by opening the launcher for episode 1. The launcher doesn't display correctly, but at least it works.
  24. daltysmilth


    Okay, I've tried getting help on this over on the Telltale forums, but they've been absolutely no help. I can't get Back To The Future episode 2 or 3 to launch in Windows 7. When I click on BacktotheFuture102.exe, the launch screen pops up, but there are no buttons on which I can click, and if I didn't know it was an executable file, there would be nothing to indicate it was anything more than an image file. I've tried running it as an administrator, I've tried running it in compatibility mode for Windows XP Service Pack 3, and nothing works. It's the same situation for episode 3. I've been a fan of Telltale pretty much since the beginning, and I've never had trouble with any of their games before, but I am about at the point where I just want to contact them and ask for my money back.
  25. The later CD ROM versions of both TIE Fighter *and* X-Wing featured an update to the graphics engine so the graphics matched those of X-Wing Vs. TIE Fighter. That version also had the music for the cutscenes in a folder on the disc in .WAV format if that makes things any easier for you. Also the in mission music was replaced in both games with music from the movie soundtracks in Redbook audio.
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