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  1. I've already joined the server (later it was unlocked) and asked. They said it was a secret and I should join their clan. -.- I don't think so... ^^ Well, I've created a thread in their forums and they have deleted it ... !
  2. I know, but I am wondering how the player TAW_Jaden has managed to create a server, which wasn't possible in the beta yet.
  3. How is this possible? Have a look... http://img397.imageshack.us/img397/7636/swbf21aq.jpg (Later the ping changed to 255)
  4. I have the 6,95$-account from Fileplanet and the client. But I can't join any server. What do I have to do?
  5. Hey, could somebody tell me the name of the music from StarWars in the background of the new trailer? Thx
  6. Plz contact me, what is going on with the mod, if you are ready. nobodymrb@gmx.de
  7. Hey, I have already written you an email. But there comes no awnser, so : I want to map a map for the mod....
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