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  1. I utilise this tactic a lot, and I can tell you that there is a way of getting out of it.
  2. ...I really didn't need to know that
  3. Would you like some cavia and wine also, sir?
  4. Only things I'd suggest for this server is: * Change the "G_saberanimspeed" to 1.2 * Allow all styles (except Juyo; keeping with the SW Lore) * Perhaps increase the Max Dodge. Apart from that, Kudos
  5. we ARE ITCHING TO PLAY with a reversed-grip! good luck tanq and keep up the work mate!
  6. Website looks fine as it is with phpbb2 imo..
  7. Anymore space for Beta testing? If I can't because there's already a person allocated for the UK, I can always cover Ireland I know quite a lot about the mod, too. If there's no space/whatever, no hard feelings.
  8. Introduce some of Starkiller's TFU Force Power comboes
  9. Hell yeah Along with Vader's Djem-So, Starkiller's variant of Shien is my favourite saber style.
  10. Having played 'The Force Unleashed' today, I don't like the story greatly but the Saber style is awesome. I realise that you can't really create a new saber style from the ground up, but I was thinking that perhaps altering the existing Niman/Staff style so that you could perform Starkiller's attacks and use his stance would create a more versatile (and a hell of a lot more interesting) addition. Most of you will probably frown at me for suggesting the replacement of Niman/Staff, but having played OJP since the Dawn o'time (i'm that boring) I have never really seen it used, at least as a person's primary style - more like a fun style. To add in Starkiller's Shien would, I feel, inevitably draw more attraction to the mod (not that it hasn't got attraction already, but picture someone using Shien vs Juyo for a promo vid for example - orgasmic). I also feel that it would bring SOOOO much more life to the Saber System: more cool moves is surely a bonus. EDIT: I am so sorry. I just found out that there is already a thread on this. I just elaborated a bit, I guess Just a suggestion. Thanks for hearing me out, Agent008.
  11. Okay it's on phpbb3 but I still can't see your post, nor can I see the categories I use (but in Administration Panel, they're still there :/).
  12. I'm using phbb2 because 3 seems to ignore categories/disable categories...
  13. :S I'm not sure how to install it properly lol...Sorry :S And yeah, I'm reigstered on Robo's site thanks
  14. Is there any way of contacting him? What features of lugormod/ojp are combined?
  15. EDIT: We will most likely be doing Lugormod.
  16. Hello all A few friends and myself have decided to create a role-playing Server based on 'Star Wars Galaxies', and we thought of no better modification to use than OJP. I've been playing OJP since basic, and it's good to know that the numbers of people playing have increased quite a lot over the past few builds. I know that there are among you those who squirm at the idea of 'anutha rp serva yawn nxt plz', but we aim to create a completely different experience for everyone: so please, don't shun the idea on a whim! The link to our Forums (currently under construction, but do feel free to register) is http://galaxycentauri.darkbb.com/index.htm. We look forward to seeing you Regards, daluke (agentoo8)
  17. But surely it should be the other way round? Soresu is the major defensive/anti-gunner stance, and without manual deflect it can't really deflect... Automatic deflect (I guess that applies to simply standing still and doing nothing) doesn't do much, as far as I'm aware
  18. Been playing OJP since it came out, so I'm not a newbie when it comes to the system etc. But I'm just wondering how deflect works in 1.2? It doesn't seem to function the same as it did in previous versions of OJP (holding attack + sec. attack). Mind you, I haven't played OJP for a while, so please enlighten me
  19. AWESOME Look forward to playing with ya (and mopping the floor with you, Max )
  20. ...? Where can I download the v1.2 fix (I'm assuming there is one?) I have 1.2, but there are various bugs/animation errors :S
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