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  1. I can now quite happily answer your question Doomtrooper and announce that Star Wars Battlefront will be ported by Beenox Studios to Mac OS 10.3.6 and published by the amazing Aspyr. Expected release date is June (I heard you laugh at the back) Aspyr of course has been responsible for publishing many of the recent Star Wars titles over to OS X like Jedi Knight III and Knights of The Old Republic. Details found from Inside Mac Games I felt it was fitting that I bumped this thread to answer the question, even though none of the original posters at the time are probably active at the board now. And of course this thread would not be complete without the usual anti-mac responses, but I don't give a toss because I found out my mac fits the preliminary system requirements.
  2. For anyone who has played Star Wars Arcade on the Hoth mission you have to target the neck of the AT-AT to help weaken it or something so a snowspeeder can wrap a tow cable around without getting shot at. Also you have to shoot the neck of a fallen AT-AT to fully destroy it. In The Empire Strikes Back I think during the battle of hoth some snowspeeder took two shots at a fallen AT-AT's neck and it suddenly exploded (why that causes it to explode is beyond me). It would suggest that the neck was a weak spot, after all it must surely be less armored to allow the head to flex. Whether it is a weak spot in battleground I dunno, haven't been keeping up with the news. If it was I guess you would have to use heavy weaponary (or just go for the normal tow cable routine or be in heavy weapon vehicle).
  3. Hum me thinks that the person who did the cover was colour blind. It is kinda hard to spot intill the mistake has been seen. lol too band they haven't made any boxes of those as the wrong ones would be worth something. Much like that whole Revenge of the Jedi thing.
  4. Well solved then isn't it! What purpose those pictures serve I don't understand but I guess it doesn't matter!
  5. The Stormtroopers seemed very impressive at the beginning of IV but then it kinda went down hill right up to VI when they had gone as low as being beaten by ewoks. (sigh) No this will not do... You would think that the stormtrooper would evolve on from the clone troopers seeing how you would expect improvements as they move on through time and technology but I think the clone troopers may well be the better trained, more purier to their technique. Yeah I would agree seeing how the humans would have room for error in their training and have drifted from their clones trooper counter part. Pity really that stormtroopers should be so well talked of (Obi-Wan commented they had accurate aim) yet fail to do so in the film and books and comics come to think about it.
  6. LoL nah I'll leave that to someone else I guess I could pretend to be Brenn just so he can get his hands dirty for once rather then commanding from some holographic thingy. But then he would just keep swapping between fractions. :-|
  7. Let's put it this way, not rendered. You know like when they are showing one of those "making 3D model" **** documentories where you see the person modelling it showing the piece without the proper textures on. That is what it looks a bit like to me, but then again I dunno what on earth is going there, maybe that's the way it's suppose to be. (shrugs shoulders)
  8. I always wanted to see the vehicals from Star Wars - Force Commander transferred into Battlefront, I always see it as a great shame when you add something into star wars from one game and don't use the new asset. All seems like a waste of design to me. They were decent ideas as well in my opinion like the AT-AA which was a nice anti aircraft unit. The of course I wouldn't mind seeing some of the levels in Force Commander transferred into Battlefront, it would make a nice difference, instead of commanding the action you are actually involved in it.
  9. Is it me or does the clone trooper look rather, err....unrendered? argh well early days I'm sure they'll be plenty of time to add details.
  10. I'm not sure, but at the moment I would say the Y-wing since I have a thing for old vintage fighters. I would like to see a version of the Y-wing with space for two pilots one handling the flying and firing with the other taking care of the ion cannon. I think most versions of the Y-wing are bombers as well. About the TIE interceptor, from an early interview a person said that the Interceptor may not make it to the released version of the game because it is very similar in function to the TIE fighter, therefore there has to be significant difference for it to be included. However it is with little doubt that the interceptor will be avaible through other means like patch/expansion/mod.
  11. For certain the devs are going to do some sort of counter balance as in the film the rebels never stood a chance. The Tauntaun will probably be able to run a little faster than usually for looking out functions or as mentioned escape. The fact that they are more or less white will probably be turned into some sort of advantage. Those guns emplacements will probably be given more bite as in the film they were out of date machinery, useless and made you an easy target if they an AT-AT shot it. So the armour round those will be a little stronger. The AT-AT's armour will be weakened as well as the firepower.
  12. It's all just fun and games, even though as we speak the devs are adding that suggestion as a very well hidden feature.
  13. No star wars music is going to be pumping out of my stereo. Unless it's the disco remix.
  14. I don't actually mind GameSpy, but then again I'm too laid back to care about anything. Anyway an ingame browser is standard these days, so no worries.
  15. So do you like your future battlefront battles to have friendly fire turned on or off? I look for the servers with no friendly fire enabled as I find it a terrible experience. I mean it is all nice looking for the realisic experience, but not good when you find me accidenly shooting you by mistake. Now considering there will be clear uniform differences in the game I don't think this will be much of a problem for me. What really annoys me is when my team does nothing but kills itself over and over again, while the other team is sensible enough to mass against us. And what really really annoys me is when I accidenly kill my team mate and I then get kicked out of the server, why have the friendly fire turned on then? Anyway, best make it clear again, this is about personal preference, not whether it should or should not be included in the game.
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