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  1. If the sniper is any good, the muzzle (laser) flash is a non-issue.
  2. I agree. An expansion will probably be up to us, as fans and players, and our response to the initial product. Or at least that would be a heavily weighted actor.
  3. I'm hoping that Orbital Bombardment will be featured in the game somehow. If for no other reason than it would be extremely cool to rain fire from above on enemy (and friendly, let's face it they can't be 100% accurate) forces.
  4. I agree, the B-wing has been my favorite fighter since ROTJ. That would be a cool one to have in the game.
  5. A well used sniper can be invaluable on the battlefield. I myself prefer Heavy Weapons.
  6. To put it simply: Things look great so far. Keep up the good work. I can see this place becoming quite busy and extremely useful as the release gets closer and on into gameplay.
  7. Look at it this way, you might as well upgrade. Be it all at once, or a little at a time. Why? Because games are just getting beefier and demand more system resources. So to keep up with the latest games, new hardware will always be needed. This goes for consoles too, why else do you think the PS2 exists? KOTOR was my big wake-up call. I still haven't upgraded enough to play it...it's collecting dust on my shelf at the moment.
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