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  1. can some1 post a direct link 2 one of those images, the screenindexlink does not work 4 me
  2. the first vechile i will use is that clone wars tank on rhen var
  3. on that website they have a massive article about the aircraft of battlefront that strange vechile is the MAF a new vechile invented heres the link http://features.teamxbox.com/xbox/853/Star-Wars-Battlefront-Air-Vehicles/p1 heres the list of them x-wing y-wing snowspeeder cloudcar droid starfighter MAF republic gunship jedi starfighter tie fighter tie bomber geonosis fighter
  4. or maybe it is the CIS MSA that they talked about in a previous gamespy designer diary it has the same sort of colour shade as the rest of the seperatist vechiles
  5. When were imperial shuttles, republic personnel carriers or dwarf spider droids mentioned or seen in battlefront, there is also a new vechile called the msa
  6. Bespin has been confirmed in a gamespy article as for the other two i guess it will have to be kashyyk and utapu
  7. Those gun platforms on kamino look ultra cool
  8. Cool theres gonna be campaigns, with missions i was hoping for this because i like missions more than just playing 9on a simple map
  9. It is most likely that the rebel walker will be used on tatooine
  10. There is a new designer diary at gamespy and it offers a few tidbits of information. It says that Bespin is in the game There is a rebel walker There is a CIS MAF a new vechile for the seperatists here is the link http://pc.gamespy.com/pc/star-wars-battlefront/520183p1.html
  11. Muunilist is a planet that was attacked by the republic
  12. What do you think the mystery planets are I think they are 1 Dantooine 2 Kashyyk 3 Muunilist
  13. I got a great idea, imperial officers can call in bombardments from imperial star destroyers, the rebels if they hold hoth 4 long enough can get an ion cannon to defend themselves against the destroyers wat u think i hope this duel happens in the game
  14. If they included the tie interceptor they would have to include the a-wing which is a good thing go on yer rebels
  15. Rebels and the republic all the way { except when im in a mood the imperials will do fine }
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