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    I make a Star Wars fangame! Be updated at www.fangames.co.uk!!
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  1. Meh. My friend Boba Fett here says : "Can i rip Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine sounds?"
  2. Goldberg the wrestler? Why, he's PERFECT for the Voodoo lady role Guybrush would have to be Ewan McGregor or maybe Sean Bean would be Bob. If there will ever be M:I-2 the movie, Hugo Weaving (Agent Smith) should play Largo...
  3. Eep. How do i hack EMI bundles?
  4. SkullHW™

    Midi Music

    cool. will it ever be out?
  5. SkullHW™

    Midi Music

    Is there any way of fixing ripped midi music (ripped with ScummRev) so it doesnt sound so crappy and sickening?
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