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    I make a Star Wars fangame! Be updated at www.fangames.co.uk!!
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  1. *Getting up quickly, Trevor looks equally quickly around for the most dangerous weapon man ever constructed. The Table Leg. As soon as his mind is aquitted to a task, shifting Trevor's will will not work. He takes the table leg, beats heck out of Glboal, Doomgiver and Katarn. All of them are left bleeding on the floor, while Trevor laughs a highpitched, puberty laugh. Then gets some more Juri Juice..*
  2. Meh. My friend Boba Fett here says : "Can i rip Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine sounds?"
  3. Darth Majorus maybe? Oh right he's copyrighted
  4. Play Mi5 with Elaine.....*drool* wait, what was that last part?
  5. Being a major ass loser like you myself, i have no idea! Damn the chicks always with the older guys. WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO THE LITTLE MAN???
  6. Goldberg the wrestler? Why, he's PERFECT for the Voodoo lady role Guybrush would have to be Ewan McGregor or maybe Sean Bean would be Bob. If there will ever be M:I-2 the movie, Hugo Weaving (Agent Smith) should play Largo...
  7. iznat some sorta ****ty pape`?
  8. ****! This is good! Send it to *cough* Loser *Coughcough* Arts.
  9. I dont wanna fight the army, so when the High Theocrat asks me to join, i just pretend i'm Bin Laden and they shoot me right away. Problem solved.
  10. Name : Trevor Kenobi Nickname : "Nub's Henchman" Race : Human (?) Home Planet : Alderaan Weapons : A FWIKWOKKER!! MUAHAHHAHAHA!!! Bio : Hailing from the darkest depths of his mother's woumb, comes a hero for a new age : Trevor Ulysses Kenobi. A spy by nature, it was only a matter of time before he joined the Alderaan Covert Spy group. After recovering the mythical Scrolls of the Ancients, and destroyed the Eye of Klothir in the fires of mount microwave, he settled down for a career of barfighting and brawling. He has yet to see that LucasArts will sue his creator for using the Kenobii name and giving him a "Max-style" AI.
  11. Anyone still playin this game on multiplayer AT ALL?
  12. Eep. How do i hack EMI bundles?
  13. Star Wars : The absolutely last game. And that isn't funny......
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