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  1. Not sure what MI2 needs done besides the Fake LeChuck's (costumed woman) face being made blue. There are, however, a couple of things that need to be updated in CMI, if possible: 1. MI1 Easter Eggs 2. Wind-Up LeChuck.
  2. There's also the matter of LeChuck's face, which also applies to the fake LeChuck in MI2:SE.
  3. You're going to have to get her out of your head,
  4. I have sent him a PM about that, since we have been unable to play the extracted files.
  5. My ideas: Fixed hair for Guybrush. Blue face for LeChuck. Better interface.
  6. I have determined that the problem with the .wma is indeed a missing header. I shall ask elsewhere about it.
  7. Just had to mention this. http://i44.tinypic.com/2a95jzp.png
  8. I've never read the novels, actually. Also, does anyone know how many Crystal Skulls were actually made?
  9. As you know, the upcoming movie is about Indy's quest to find the Crystal Skull, but it seems to me that he ALREADY found it:
  10. Fate of Atlantis and Greatest Adventures. I don't really like Emperor's Tomb for a couple of reasons: 1. Von Beck 2. Not being able to save (would have been nice for boss encounters, among other things)
  11. http://www.sendspace.com/file/rze0ix Also mentioned this over at the Grim Fandango Network. I have only looked briefly at the beginning and the end, and it's pretty good, even though Hector wasn't sprouted directly in the game.
  12. http://www.sendspace.com/file/rze0ix Very interesting, even if Hector didn't get sprouted that way in the game.
  13. Terry smokes, though, and he's a demon.
  14. I have the soundtrack: http://www.sendspace.com/file/wvxvdb
  15. He said in the last 2 years. Nevertheless, The Last Express is totally worth playing, even though it suffers from the King's Quest syndrome of having to redo part of the game because you didn't do something you needed to. It's even worse here, because it isn't always clear when you need to be somewhere.
  16. I totally agree. I haven't played much of Moai Better Blues, but have read much about it, and it IS my second least favorite, due to lackluster music(the tracks that Telltale posted are the best of the original tracks), and apparent lack of a true villian(unless you count the ghost of Mr. Spatula). It would have been better with an actual volcano god. My least favorite is Situation Comedy, mainly due to rather lackluster music, most of the original tracks were short fanfares, though the Midtown Cowboys theme was quite enjoyable. "They're probably hiding a cow!"
  17. I have to agree with Udvarnoky and RemiO. Straight Street being the same every episode really isn't a problem, as long as there is enough going on i.e. Jimmy threatning to commit suicide.
  18. Reality 2.0, of course. 8-Bit remixes for the win. Also, I consider Ice Station Santa to not be eligible, as it is part of a different season, though it has to be given credit for the instrumental C.O.P.S.
  19. The Tingler, you're not getting Hit the Road mixed up with Secret of Monkey Island, are you?
  20. I think that the Telltale forum is good too! Also, what I think Season 2 need is more mindless violence. You never really see anyone get clobbered in Season 1(outside of the boxing glove scenes in the Ep. 6 ending), so it would be fun to see someone, be it Sam & Max, get beat up on screen, like in Hit the Road. I loved it when Sam & Max set off the alarm in Bumpusville, and get pummeled by Lee-Harvey. No reason this couldn't have been done in Ep.4 - there are lots of windows in the White House for Sam & Max to appear at, and Chuckles even says "And stay out!", just like Lee-Harvey.
  21. The exploding house reminded me a LOT of blowing up Dr. Fred's mansion.
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