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  1. Oleander's father really was that large, going by what we see in "The Big Top" and taking into consideration that Razputin's father did NOT look demonic in "Razputin's Getaway"
  2. - fight the Galochios - Lili will actually notice when Raz looks under her skirt with TK
  3. All actors(actresses?)are enjoyable when set on fire.
  4. Toy Story 2 was DEFINATLEY better than the original. The Aladdin sequels were quite good too.
  5. Chloe Barge doesn't giggle either. :Hmm. Interesting sensation. shinzuku, it is MUCH more enjoyable to pick Cruller up outside the Sanctuary. :Okay, that's funny. Now PUT ME DOWN.
  6. BTW, the painting made by Edgar Teglee has it backwards.
  7. Raz's full name is undoubtedly Razputin Aquato. That's his dad in the bottom right.
  8. How Raz's mental father sees his own son:
  9. :Your ten-year-old mind can set fires. And I have to tell you to do that?
  10. In fact, Elton sees Raz as the Kidnapper of Lili!
  11. :Why no, Aunt Bernie, of course I didn't get your phone calls or else I would have responded right away. :My name is Yan Yanssen, I live in Wisconsin, I work in the lumber yard there... :La di da... do do da dum...
  12. I'm pretty sure it IS Morceau Oleander judging by the mustache(see the brochure Raz is looking at)
  13. 1)Use the FishHorn in Loboto's lab and he'll think Sheegor farted :Sheegor, please! Open a window if you're going to do that. 2)Before giving Sheegor Mr.Pokeylope bring it to the kids in camp for some neat dialogue :You know turtles are just visitors from another galaxy who never left. Their shells are actually atmospheric-reentry heat shields. 3)Tough one:Go to Skyscraper Island and climb the skyscraper closest to the mountian and go along the corner, adjust the camera so you see inside the mountain and you can see a love picture left by one of the programmers.
  14. Of course, so is punching them. :Look who's still punching! :Yay, Raz! :Punch punch punch! :PUNCHPUNCHPUNCH! :Punch punchie punch-punch! :Punch, Raz, punch! :Punnnnnnch! Hurray! :Oh god. What have I done?
  15. I wonder if there is any unused stuff we can find with this new version of Pyschonauts Explorer?
  16. It used fordjanitor_sayline when it SHOULD have used fordninja_sayline.
  17. In the cutscene "Psychonaut Showndown" the wrong talking pict for agent Cruller is used.
  18. I uploaded to Marona's server at RPGamers.net a long time ago.
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