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  1. My problem is getting the bomb in the opening without it going off in Raz's face.
  2. Found some unused strings relating to this. :Who's going to adopt these poor children? Hey, what's that smoke over the village? Ohhhhh! Ahh! The orphanage! It's on fire! Oh, no! The children! Some one save the children! Please! Some one help! Oh god no! The babies! I can hear them! Can't you hear them! They're screaming! They're frightened! Don't cry, my darlings! Please stop crying! Pleeeease!
  3. The actual line: :You can squish people too if you want. My family lives in a whole other town.
  4. :Initiating arrest sequence! :Come with us. :Why did you burn that bush? :Why did you punch that little girl? :Are you addicted to getting arrested?
  5. He also seemed to know Sheegor"the freaky hunchback girl who loves brains so much" and interesting enough, Raz"the kid with the goggles"
  6. Pyrokinesis for setting ALL of Gloria's cast on fire! Do have to give telekinesis credit for throwing squirrels, teasing Cruller, and peeking under Lili's skirt!
  7. Save that he is missing a couple - Gloria von Gouton/Bonita Soleil, and Dingo Inflagrande Also the one titled "Nightmare Demons" should be called "Mental Lungfish" The Nightmare Demon(Milkman Conspiracy)sees Raz the same way as Boyd Cooper.
  8. Yeah, I agree. Good thing I already made a gamerip, huh? Anyway, let's see what Jasper has to say about the soundtrack(I've hit him with a Confusion Grenade to avoid any garbage) :Gosh! This soundtrack is fantastic! The bass, the treble, the songs, all top notch! All other soundtracks should be burned, all other songwrights shot, all other musicians should have their fingers chopped off, for there is no need for any other music, other than this fine soundtrack. Oh god. What am I saying? I hope no one heard that.
  9. Time. The enemy of us all. Hold a watch to your ear and listen. Tick tock, tick tock... those are the hoof beats of the Reaper's pale horse. "Half past eight, he's at your gate. Quarter to four, a knock on the door." Unwinding is the mortal coil that drives the gears to tick and toil, until at last, it rests, unwound, and we lay silent in the ground
  10. Attacking G-men with Confusion Grenades is also enjoyable, as is throwing one at Boyd Cooper(not the Milkman). : Wait a minute. I think there might not be a conspiracy after all. It's possible I am suffering from paranoid delusions, linked to an entity I call "the Milkman" who is, in actuality...the mummified remains of Abraham Lincoln! :Oh my god. Why do I have a gun in my hand? I hope I didn't kill again. I should be out trying to find the Milkman! Oh yeah. That's right. Disguise. Ahem.
  11. :Hey! Rrrrr! Enough! Hello! Put me down! :Pfffft. You hit like a boy. :Ahhhh! I'm on fire! Owwwwwww! :Finally! I'm being TAKEN! They've finally come for me! Hey! It's just you. PUT ME DOWN!
  12. :Look out! Flying squirrel! :Okay, that's funny. Now PUT ME DOWN :Right in El Odio's butt! and the best one of all: :I'm a little tea pot, short and stout. Here is my handle. Here is my spout. Just kidding! I AM THE PHANTOM!
  13. Also, " Recent Activity on the Forums isn't updating. It's annoying!
  14. You probably won't get any help because of what has happened to the forum
  15. One music track that I simply cannot find: the title screen when you are controlling Raz on the brain. It doesn't seem to be in commonmusic.isb Also, when does WaterCurse play and when do you hear a Censor say "Geronimo!"
  16. Same here. I can't play ANY of the .wavs I can play the music, which is .OGG
  17. You can SEE the psitanium at Raz's- I mean, Ford's sanctuary!
  18. Or emulate the SNES version.
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