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  1. - Punching Lili in Oleander's brain. "You hit like a boy!"
  2. Well, if I had a midi, I could check if it is in Indiana Jones' Greatest Adventures on the Super NES.
  3. Perhaps something could be found with SCUMMrev or Costume Viewer(or whatever it's called) Also, why is Mojo down?
  4. And 12 would be false if you counted Yoda Stories.
  5. I may have used the wrong word, but YOU misspelled famous! I think EMI was pretty good although I really dislike having SFX in music. My main issue with EMI is plot continguency with the previous three in the series. I'll admit that EMI was not as good as Grim Fandango though.
  6. Yet they still want to make more undoubtly mediocre Star Wars games instead of the awesome Adventure games that they are famous for.
  7. I have uploaded the Afterlife rip to Marona's server at RPGamers.net As for the DOTT remixes, I can't help you with that, I'm afraid. I DO have three of them on me though.
  8. Just wanted to say that I have made an Afterlife gamerip. I would like if you could put up the remixed DOTT tracks that used to be at http://www.bensin.org/dottmusic/ - corresponding you can get them!
  9. I would like to keep LeChuck. I really enjoy LeChuck's Theme!
  10. Despite being Mexican, it isn't nice because Grim Fandango won't run right!
  11. There is NOTHING legitimate about FucasArts anymore! They do NOT hold the actual copyright, thus they do not have the right to take it down.
  12. I say put it all back up. If FucasArts(I'm calling them that again because they have dared to attack our beloved Mojo)doesn't in fact own the copyrights, then they do NOT have the right to make you take it down.
  13. Manny served the Zombie Pirate LeChuck in CMI, remember?
  14. I need a registration key so I can use StyleXP again as StarSkin doesn't support SP2.
  15. It probably DOES change the facts, but it doesn't really matter because of ScummVM.
  16. Far as we know, LucasArts has never SEEN the petition.
  17. I don't think I have ever seen the Max head.
  18. Maniac Mansion(and Delxue)When Bernard tries to run away. MI1: Guybrush falls off the cliff. MI2: When Guybrush sees the guard, when Guybrush digs up the bone and his underpants are revealed. MI3: The hot sand "Ow, Yeow, Hot!"(Really hillarious if helium is consumed first!) MI4: When Guybrush and Elaine first see the Statue Pirate LeChuck, when you show the duck to Pegnose, when Guybrush shoots himself in the Mysts O' Tyme. Day of the Tentacle:Pushing Edna down the stairs, ruining Ed's stamps, putting a faux skunk in the Tentacle Jail, zapping Laverne, the ending Sam & Max: Whenever Sam & Max get beat up by Lee-Harvey"Knock it off! Heeeelp! Aieeee! And stay out!" Grim Fandango: The Glottis-Go-Round "Mannnny! Yooooouuuu prooooommmmiiiiiiised!", when Manny and Glottis are onboard the S. S. Lola "Glottis, do something! Okay! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!"
  19. I think that petition proves that Sam & Max:Freelance Police would make a profit if it were released.
  20. It's pretty obvious that they are only interested in the money by the way that they promoting their current crap
  21. I am starting my own "fanlisting" of those willing to boycott all Star Wars games(with the exception of the upcoming Star Wars Trilogy on the GBA)until we get Sam & Max:Freelance Police! There is only one rule:You MUST have signed the petition! I shall start off with the official chant of the Revolution: HELL, NO! WE WON'T ALLOW THIS! HELL, NO! WE WON'T ALLOW THIS! LUCASARTS IS A BIG, FAT JERK! LUCASARTS IS A BIG, FAT JERK! ARE WE FANS OR ARE WE MISANTHROPES? ARE WE FANS OR ARE WE MISANTHROPES? NO MORE CANCELLATIONS! NO MORE CANCELLATIONS! NO MORE CANCELLATIONS! NO MORE CANCELLATIONS! SAM & MAX! SAM & MAX! FREELANCE POLICE! FREELANCE POLICE! WE'RE STRONG! WE'RE STRONG! WE FIGHT! WE FIGHT! WE'RE KILLER BUNNIES TONIGHT! ALL RIGHT!
  22. And people would buy an excellent Adventure Game today! Just look at the Myst series!
  23. Another possibilty is to zap the entire FucasArts building with the Ultimate Insult!
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