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  1. The colors on the AITD 3 image was a version used on the Spanish magazine "ok PC", I was more familiar with that one since I had the Magazine back then and those colors stuck on my mind. I sent you the raw file I found of it which was the base I used to make it. For Kyrandia 3 and Tales of MI it would be great if you have a proper source, I had to paint a lot on those and even though I tried to keep it as close to the original art it might have still ended up being a fanart of sorts. I also didn't paint on a few parts like the background which had a texture to it I couldn't remove or ref
  2. Cool!, since you posted these a few years ago I always wanted a poster of the Kyrandia book 3 art and the Purcell version of Tales of MI but it never happened, so a few months ago I tried my best to make them myself using multiple images from the internet, I upscaled those and patched the best parts together and ended up painting quite a bit. I tried to keep them as close to the originals though they are not perfect. I also made the same for Alone in the Dark. Here they are if you guys want to check them out. (hope you guys like these). Tales of MI File Kyrandia 3 F
  3. Here are the files for the bigger images of some of the DVD covers i made. Just note I couldn’t find the very best source images for some of these and didn't feel the need to repaint everything, but they look really great printed. DOTT cover Kyrandia 3 cover Theme Park cover Fallout 2 cover
  4. Hey. While i was making some DVD covers for my old games, I had the urge to make a fan art of DOTT. So I painted this. Hope you guys like it. Instead of making a new thread i though posting this other piece here as well. A few weeks ago i painted some sort of "fan art" about a telltale's Sam & Max character, "the internet". I designed her following the small avatar icon seen in the game, and also thought to be cool to add the C.O.P.S. in there since I was going for a vintage George Petty theme about the girl holding a phone and "Bob" was perfect to fill that
  5. Hey. I’m sorry to pick up this threat from the grave but i was quite inspired by all of the covers shown here. I have a small collection of old games without their boxes (due to expensive international shipping) and never thought about placing them in dvd cases and be displayed next to my other games and movies. So i made a few and wanted to share. At first I wanted to make the covers to be exactly like their original boxes, but looking at a huge deal of images I saw one that caught my eye about Day of the Tentacle and thought it could look even better as a cover than the ori
  6. Oh, and how do i use the debugger so i can have the object?
  7. I saw that there are loading states in the Q&E menu, so instead of starting the game al over i simply loaded a state where i was in the original game. And its where im fighting Captain Rotingham, so i finished with him and got to the island. I found everything, done all i need, except for when the dog has to "bite" you, i spent several hours trying to make him bite me and nothing. So i whent looking for a walkthrough and found out that i need to feed him the bitten cookie from the restaurant, but it isnt in my inventory. How did that cookye get lost? How can i get the c
  8. try setting the link of the game to the cd, if this doesnt work, copy the whole game into the Hard Drive. The thing is that ScummVm doest work with the instalation path of the game... it works with the game directly.
  9. LOL, yes i know that 1x is lower than 2x or 3x, even more when it says "normal". Im starting to think there is some compatibility issues with another program or programs. i tryed with several different settings and still nothing... though at 3X with high debug is still the best option in my case. Ill open the program in Windowns ME to see what happends. Thanks anyway.
  10. By lowering the graphic filter it got worst O_o' I also tested it with Fullthrottle and it does exactly the same There seems to be a problem with something.. and i dont know what it is. Any thoughts? BTW, im using ScummVM 0.6.0pre
  11. Hi im new to this forum, my name is Glen (ok, im bad at introductions 9_9) Anyway.. I wanted to play Monkey Island 3 again and i installed it in Windows XP and it actually runs fine, but i have a problem, the graphics are quite dark.... i mean, is like if i had my monitor at 30% brightness only O_o' when is 100%, also the contrast. So i decided to use the ScummVM, the game loads fine and it looks great as it should be... but the sound is lagging, and sometimes is difficult to understand what the characters are saying because the lagg chops the speaches. I downloaded and install
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