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    Jango VM

    Great Model Marz! Do you have any Ideas for the next Model?
  2. The Mod is only 35% done. I doubt we will see this Mod (of course with the Models) in the next Months or in this Year.
  3. Great Links Buffy! All Dark Troopers in a Modelpack would be awesome.
  4. Äh Buffy? Thats not a DarkTrooper.
  5. More Screenshots of the Phase 2 & 3 Dark Troopers. Phase 3: http://www.eyrie.org/~aerianne/dark.forces/phase3.gif http://www.swstrike.de/SW%20Collectibles02/sw_col-potf17.jpg http://www.draddog.com/toys/retailaf/starwarsclassic/darktrooper.jpg Phase 2: http://www.eyrie.org/~aerianne/dark.forces/phase2.gif http://www.hillside.co.uk/glyn/dark/ph2dark.gif
  6. I mean the phase 3 version. the phase 2 trooper would be great too (the darktrooper from battlefront).
  7. What about a Dark Trooper Model? There isnt any Skin or Model out that looks like the orginal Dark Trooper of Dark Forces 1.
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