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  1. While not completely sure how direct of a comparison it was to the PCjr, sound-wise, DOSBox has the ability to emulate Tandy speaker audio easily enough. I can confirm it does sound much better than standard PC speaker. Maniac Mansion, for example, sounds great.
  2. It's been staring us in the face all this time. The Secret of Monkey is Land!
  3. Well, the Steam version was patched on July 29th and I'd assume LucasArts would've patched the other PC releases at the same time...?
  4. I just now (as of this post) tried MI2:SE on the 360, and was prompted for a title update after it launched. Looks like LucasArts patched it after all. Personally, I still chalk most of the delay up to the protracted certification/review process by Microsoft. I can't speak for the PS3 however, haven't tried that yet, but now wouldn't be surprised to see it as well at some point (if not already). Just wanted to give a heads up for those who might be waiting to play the game, or were curious to see the changes. Lastly, not that it matters much, but LucasArts appeares to have patc
  5. I was curious if anyone knows when (or if) the PS3 and 360 versions are getting title updates? I feel like I've searched around a bit and can't seem to find any other information. I've been holding off on playing the game on the consoles in case there's a patch in the works - mostly for the iMuse fixes.
  6. Maybe for you pheraps, but I enjoy hearing all the possible responses from inventory item interaction that Guybrush/Dominic voices. Currently many of these are only available in classic mode. Even if I didn't, I certainly wouldn't want to limit that possibility for other people - I just simply wouldn't use it in that case. In the original game, Guybrush would often say the name of whatever object you were looking at, along with "Nice". For example "Nice <object name here>.". When looking at the same items in SE mode, he simply says "Nice". I can see though why perhaps this was
  7. This is good news...I hope they're reading feedback from these forums as well. What are the main things people would like to see fixed/added (within patchable reason)? In the spirit of ultimately enjoying and being appreciative for the MI2:SE, here's what I can think of from being such a detail oriented fan of the original: 1) Rework inventory interface and/or allow all verb commands to be used in the inventory 2) Classic intro / closing credits 3) Bone song audio synchronization 4) Timing of various music cue events 5) Puzzle, actor animation speed (LeChuck shuffle, spitting cont
  8. Hmm...unless I'm missing something, nothing seems to happen when I scroll the mouse wheel while inside the inventory screen. Even when pressing the associated the hotkeys, there doesn't appear to be any way to do anything else other than the pre-determined actions while in the inventory screen in SE mode. :/ After using it for a while now, I'm still not a fan of the large, parchment square behind the inventory. Along with the visually obtrusive choice/options text strips below the box, they're too bright and block too much the background scene - especially with the whole arrangement align
  9. While playing SoMI:SE, I bumped the voice volume down by 3 or so notches and then compensated overall with the master volume on my PC and/or TV setups to get the voices to "sit" better in the final mix. Afterwards, the NPCs sound more like they're nestled within the game's sound world, instead of overpowering it. Honestly (and this is coming from someone who really likes the music for MI2), the new ambient sfx for the special edtions is one of my favorite parts of the overall soundscape. I've only played a few minutes of MI2:SE so far, but this method seems to work well for that game as w
  10. Hmm...everyone seems to be noticing the out of sync audio, but what about the bright tomato red overlay result? In the original, it's a darker, more ominous red from what appears to be a multiplicative blend (note the pure black coloration in classic mode), rather than what looks like an additive blend in the remake. Changes the tone for the scene a good deal IMO.
  11. I posit a theory that any of the adventure games LucasArts has released on Steam are ones they aren't planning some kind of special edition or update in the future. If so, it's a shame, as I love The DIG and would really have liked a version with re-mastered, high quality audio and music, let alone art. Even after all these years, it remains a hallmark for audio production and mood setting, one's particular fondness for the puzzles and serious thematic tone aside. I suppose I'm trying to say they don't make a lot of games quite like The DIG anymore, and I miss them dearly. As for Spi
  12. Several years ago I tracked down an external MT-32 unit on eBay, largely for MI2 and Ultima VII. In my experience, DOSBox + MT-32 is the ultimate way to experience Monkey Island 2. Being intimately familiar with the game from playing on an AdLib, and later on a Pro Audio Spectrum 16 (basically a Sound Blaster Pro), I was blown away by how much I was missing out sound-wise. Given the chance, I highly recommend picking up an MT-32 (or CM-32L, CM-64 etc.). They're commonly found on sites like eBay, and one could probably pick one up fairly cheap if good MIDI audio is important to you, or if
  13. Actually, I just resolved this same issue with my setup...in order for the audio tracks to play, a .cue file needs to exist along with the ISO files. My ripping program had an option to generate this additional file. http://vogons.zetafleet.com/viewtopic.php?t=15803 ^This thread helped me out with that... In regards to my previous question, it turns out that DOSBox can boot image files, so I just ended up having it point to a virtual copy of the Madness CD. It takes up a bit extra HD space for a full disc image, but I can live with that.
  14. Hi all, I have a CD copy of The Secret of Monkey Island (both the 1992 disc and the 1996 "Madness" disc) and was curious if there is any way to play that version (enhanced icon UI etc.) without the CD audio music - e.g. with the floppy/256 color Roland or AdLib music? (I'm guessing the CD version doesn't even have SoundBlaster music, just the sfx.) I ask because I'm trying to set the game up to run in DOSBox exclusively from the hard drive, and I have an MT-32 module. To get the music to work, I'd have to make an image of the entire CD to mount as a virtual drive through another program,
  15. I've been methodically trying to get my old LEC adventure games to work on my Win XP Pro laptop and have had good success, with a few exceptions. I've searched these boards (and the web) pretty thoroughly for the answers I seek, so I apologize in advance if these questions are answered elsewhere. I've been using VDMSound, DOSBox, and ScummVM Q+E. 1) Fate of Atlantis audio - does it have Sound Blaster music? I don't see an iMUSE file for it and it works well enough with AdLib, but it's odd that speech and sfx are there, but no SB music option. Also, is there a GMIDI patch for FoA
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