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  1. I personally find that i can find all you need to know about someone by watching their face, mostly their eyes. If their eyes dart around all the time they are usually a nervous of tired person etc. It is pretty easy and when you keep constant eye contact with people without blinking they will get slightly nervous and reveal their true character.... .....Or I just read a bit too much of a certain series of fantasy called the Dragonlance Books:D . (Read about the character Reistlin and you'll understand)
  2. Please guys, won't someone at least reply.
  3. When I look at all the screenshots i lways see that cool blurry effect on all the troops. Why does mine not do this. It does it on the xbox and no im not talking about blurring when you are going fast on a bike.
  4. At first i believed goto was the jedi master on that planet and had been corrupted to use his force to gain galactic power. In my opinion this would have made for a more interesting encounter....
  5. Blink 182 music can be okay like in american pie movies,but only then in my opinion.
  6. in some of the sound files their is conversation between master vash and the exile. if i remember rightly master vash sacrifices herself to destroy sion but fails and it becomes up to you.
  7. if you remember while on korriban one of the messages during a loading screen was that many of the sith lords left the planet and there was only in the game, i bet that revan took the others with him to find the true sith. During this our character finds the actual true sith who wage a war on the jedi and the sith pretenders( like revan and exile, if DS). The republic gets thrown in and the story bassically writes itself from there.
  8. Hi everyone, If you feel that you've got some great ideas to improve Kotor TSL than post them here. Any modders who pass this way please read for all the great mod ideas that will come through this thread. If you got ideas no matter how small or large just post them here so that we can get some good ideas for the game straight away. And modders please post the ideas youve had for mods(unless you want to make them a suprise!).
  9. Darth333, i remember how you said that you could save just outside corpses and containers and reload to change what's inside them. Well, could you please tell me some good corpses or containers to do this next to.
  10. Thanks again, have just ordered the game from electronics boutique since i live in Australia and would have had to wait till Feb otherwise. Cant wait to play! ps The game arrives in about 8 days so when that comes don't expect to hear from during that week.
  11. thanks you guys, i really appreciate this and owe all of you. Thanks alot quicksilver but please dont put the main twist again. I was so tempted to highlite it i could barely hold back. Just one question, Because i may now have to wait till February is there any small things or not very noticable things in KOTOR 1 that mean something in KOTOR 2 story. Personally i reckon its something on Korriban. And thanks again to all of you.
  12. i've read the reviews and they all say it was great, except the story could get kinda boring. I like the reviews but i would really like the perspective of some of my friends here at starwarsknights as they know how good the game really is. Please reply as soon as possible, i would appreciate very much!
  13. im using my good old random generated name of Taraan Star
  14. I own kotor 1 on pc which i bought mainly for the story and mods. Could you pleasetell me if you (anyone who owns it) if the story is nearly or as good. If it is i will go out and buy kotor 2 and an xbox as soon as i can. ps please include any other reasons its much better or worse eg lightsaber stances, new classes, new items etc.
  15. Why Would obsidian tell us that!!! I THINK I CAN GUESS THE STORY NOW!!!!!!
  16. You guys sid it came out in dec in the uk now, but when i checked sites it said Feb 11. What the hell is going on!!!!
  17. dont mean to be a nag but read my posts about this. And nuitari, about this being an opinion it is Mike Gallo's opinion, so think it matters quite a lot.
  18. not to be picky or anything but it clearly stated that and Mike Gallo said this. Edited by Darth333 * added tags* Jeez! that's two warnings in the same thread. When we get to the real stuff next week, take care of what you post and make sure you use spoiler tags! Read the rules (click on the relevant part of my sig)
  19. I just picked up the aussie xbox mag and it said that mike gallo had stated to them that Edited by Darth333: although I have seen different comments concerning this part of the story, this would be considered as a major spoiler and I will ask you to use spoiler tags in those cases, even if you mention it in the thread title.
  20. Sweet, but i thought they would be more clear on the date as it may be only a week before release.
  21. Do you guys know when it comes out in Australia?
  22. i reckon it will have something to do with ajunta pall saying that the sithlords destroyed each other. i personally think that these are the same lords and that somehow revan found out and went to korriban for answers. ps nuitari i like your dragonlance based name!
  23. Theory 1: I think that eather when the starforge was destroyed (lightside) they felt the destruction of such a huge darkside power that they rushed over to investigate. Or after malak was killed and revan made a giant fleet the sith lords felt the power being used and came to seize it. Theory 2: In this theory iam guessing that revan and malak were turned to the ds by these sith lord on the outerim. So when revan became lightside and destroyed much of the sith threat the lords felt the imbalance and power of the light and came over to destroy them. Or after revan became ds again and killed malak the sithlords had planned for this. All they wanted to know is which one was the stronger and then they would use him to conquer the galaxy for them and so returned. Theory 3: The lords had sent malak and revan back to find who was the stronger. When revan was assumed dead and temporarily lost his connection to the force, the lords returned to praise malak and take the galaxy but found revan in power once again. If you were LS then thay would call you a traitor and try to destroy you. If you were DS they would think you were growing too powerful and stilldestroy you.
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