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  1. I should run that juuuust fine. Slight dip in graphics card though... but hey! If I do well in my exams, I get a top range Alienware! Hoorah!
  2. I dunno, I have too much stuff. I could do the honorable thing and go with em :
  3. And maybe not having to stop to look at the scoreboard.
  4. Cool, I was wondering about them.
  5. Yeah, I got the lights really strong too. Really annoying in the hanger on Hoth.
  6. Malachi found his to the outside of the warehouse. It was locked down tight. There were ventilation ducts on the roof, but that was around 200 feet up. Nobody he knew, not even some of the greatest Jedi Masters could jump up there. Malachi looked around, and found another warehouse not so far from it. He looked up, and judged the distances. The second was smaller, but if he did this right... Malachi ran towards the smaller building and jumped. He ran several large steps up it before forcing himself to fly into the air. He caught the ledge at the roof and swung his way up. Malachi walked to the other edge of the roof, and turned round facing his target. He used his Force Speed and ran then jumped towards the other building. His torso crashed into the side of the warehouse but he managed to get a hand on the roof. He got his breath back and clambered up. With a hiss in the cold night Malachi ignited his sabers, and cut open the air vent. He silently jumped down and looked inside. There was nobody to be seen so he finished the drop. As soon as he had landed alarm bell rang in his head, and he rolled to the left as dozens of bright red laser fired into the ground right where he was. This was going to be more difficult than first anticipated.
  7. Malachi moved his way to where the shot had come from, the force guiding him. Soon he was behind the sniper. Malachi fired a blast of lightning at the man and he flew off the edge of the building, but was held in place above the gap by Malachi choking him. "Why are you hunting me?" Malachi asked, his voice tinted with the Force as to get a real answer from the man. "Th..They know yo..you're here..." the man gasped "they contro...control this place....you're a th..th..threat." "Where are they?" Malachi demanded throwing the man onto the building top, igniting his sabers. The assassin coughed and pointed to his right, towards a large warehouse. Malachi walked a few steps forward, and the man charged from behind him. Malachi slow backflipped over the man, landing with his hands clasped on his shoulders, feet digging into the nerves in the killers back. Malachi rolled backwards, kicking when he was ready and then watched the man fly off the building, and down towards the unseen ground of Coruscant. The fallen Jedi looked again at the warehouse, a plan already forming in his mind. "I have a bad feeling about this." OOC: I am actually gonna go somewhere with this that should link the characters again
  8. It's also just an unlucky time of release. With GTA and Half Life etc, these games will get ignored. And it's harsh, cos Battlefront is a pretty cool game.
  9. Or you can just print screen it and put it into Paint, or whatever you use.
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