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  1. i tolldddd youuuu!!! (acts immature) ah wel and yeah psyk i was planning to do that use this one as a high detail model for the Lower one i'm having bits of problems getting it into wireframe.... Either it doesnt like mac or it doesnt like me But il be going somewhere eventualy... if it lets me... woohoo
  2. Ok as i promised! update! picturesss! yay for pictures! Now first of all Its high detailed (wil be lowered) maybe eventualy sometime whenever? who knows! http://img48.imageshack.us/img48/8933/walkerbm5.jpg Enjoy!
  3. Well it has been quite a while since..... hmm.. i had the time to do anything well I'm back from a long time of.... not visiting.... and playing JKA... and... ofcourse i'm back with a model.... point of posting this thread! duhrrr! anyways Who here is fammiliar with the new Metal gear thingies from MGS 4 Guns of the patrioto! if you are! i guess this is your lucky day (if you like them ofcourse) at a high detail Still lowering and fixing some stuff I finished the Cow Walker from MGS 4 the detail at the moment is a bit... too high for JKA over 10k of polys (cough cough) So il be showing some rendering shots sooner or later! Ta Ta!
  4. oke its been long that i went to this site oh well Great models Marz but Whats with the shaders your not gonna make them look Plastic Wrapped like your old clone pack right?
  5. looking really good Antizac anyways i was checking your site and this dude http://www.massassi.net/ec/images/16089.jpg is it me or that like John belushi of the future
  6. yea lemme guess the topside polygons are gona (well turned around upside down) I know i think i rushed rex a bit with the copy pasting lol
  7. at the moment its sorta Low since i quit messing with ja i passed it on to minilogoguy to see what he can do with it Good luck mini
  8. hey Sorry about that JA gets a bit bored so i didnt check the forums much I can send the model but i checked it in Poser and somehow its missing alot of Parts it could be Just poser or it can be the model Il send it over asap
  9. looks very good i might be able to get some sounds
  10. i'm a huge fan of rammstein ive seen them live in berlin in amsterdam and a month ago in fields of rock i got all their videos on a disc somewhere
  11. 60% male i spammed Television in the word grey
  12. World Wars Episode 1 The Return of The Blitzkrieg http://img328.imageshack.us/img328/9195/attigertank5ps.jpg
  13. Its a thing never seen before some claim it to be Strange moving objects a Mix of of Fantasy and Reality people wil say they know what it is But they dont http://img166.imageshack.us/img166/3578/mysteriouswalker8vg.jpg try to figure it out your answers wil be wrong
  14. some killer updates here http://img40.imageshack.us/img40/2893/tadaa3qb.jpg
  15. oke Head finished http://img279.imageshack.us/img279/4002/dwarfdroid6dn.jpg dont worry about the mid lines Removing those later anyways lightninja maybe if your interested in animating this model just let me know also the Big Spider Droid is in the works now http://img299.imageshack.us/img299/8573/droidduo6ka.jpg just making some final cleaning
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