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  1. Hey FS2. thank you for tools. check pms, have made a little alteration to your account!

  2. It's been many years...I think it fixes the 2nd issue only.

  3. I was actually away on a Cuban beach, sipping rum...I was the one playing away while you worked :xp:



  4. Yeah, I played it...I have mixed feelings. I liked the game in general but loathed the automatic dialog...and the ending...what did the Reapers err...EA do to Bioware? :argh: Not asking for a happy ending but at least something that makes some sense...


    Anyway, against all odds, I found myself playing multiplayer with a big Krogan headbutting everything in its way :p


    So, what about you?

  5. Happy Birthday! I hope all is well!

  6. Darth333

    Many many thanks for the help you provided to everyone, including me, in the tech forums!

  7. Happy birthday!

  8. Welcome to the forums :)

  9. What did you expect? :mauls:

  10. Edit the his dialog file and skip those lines: just make sure the proper variables are set so that you don't end up stuck somewhere on the ship.

  11. lol I just had to: and easy feat once in a while feels good :p Happy new Year to you too!!!

  12. Merry Xmas to you too. Hope you are well!!!

  13. Done but I can still revert back to the initial version of the post if needed. Could you please send me more details via PM? Thxs - d3

  14. Where was that? Certainly in some geeky (as we' re all) mod :p


    Anyways, welcome to the forums :)

  15. ChAiNz.2da: "* poke * need moar tk :D"


    Seconded! :xp:

  16. Now, I don't expect you to have an answer but...where's my expansion pack?!! :xp: (I just need my dose of brainless entertainment sometimes :p )


    Good to see you again and happy new year!

  17. Yes I got your e-mail, thanks! I should be able to get on Skype tomorrow. I'm finalizing a deal regarding the sale of my condo in 20 minutes!

  18. That would be nice...and tk102's bd is just a few months away too :p

  19. I don't have the mod any longer :(

  20. Their profiles say what happened. As for the reasons, we don't discuss them with other members.

  21. No problem! What I posted is what I really think: 95% or so of the modders were noobs before joining (there are some exceptions such as stoffe, tk102, fred tetra, hazardx, beancounter, and few more). Starting small is the best way to go and to get solid bases!


    Btw, just for laughs, here is me shortly after I joined: http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?t=125454 :D (there were barely any tools at that time to add to the "phun")

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