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  1. Well, thank you for the appreciation and for leaving such a lovely VM on my profile!


    You are too kind. I promise that I won't forget it!

  2. Hope it's the last version with the cutscene! Anway, feel free to take what you want from the mod :)

  3. From what I can see only one of the 43 posts you made today has been deleted by a moderator as it was considered to be spam.


    Please use PMs instead of VMs to discuss issues like this in the future :)

  4. Great! I will be downloading the mod!


    If you come to Canada, let me know! (hoping that it`s not BC as it`s just almost as far as UK from where I am :p )

  5. No worries, you possess all the qualifications to enter the Asylum :xp:

  6. Congrats! This is a more than well deserved promotion :)

  7. My mistake. It's all fixed now. I'm truly sorry about that. See PM :)

  8. Are you kidding me? I am a veggetarian! :xp: Edit: Oops! I mean vegan! :xp: :xp:

  9. I could say the same about you :p

  10. hehe...Might as well say that I was in another galaxy...at least i was far far way from the internet :p

  11. I do. I'll upload them later tonight. Can't do it right now.

  12. I stand by what I said, whether you agree or disagree. All what you say about Liftofsty being given preferential treatment is completely untrue. You are reading way too much into this.


    Besides, messages left in a profile can be edited, modified and ignored too (and that's what will happen if you don't move this to the appropriate forum). I am an admin but I am also a member of this forum who has signed up to have some fun too and my visitor messages page is not meant for disciplinary/moderation matters. There are some appropriate places for that: please use them. (edit: Got your PM. Thank you for respecting that. :) )

  13. First of all the approach and context were completely different and it was not a mere list of names. I had no problem with the thread initially. And please lighten up! A private popularity contest? Give me a break! Some of you people assume way too much...The staff had nothing to do with that thread. We can't just close a thread because someone doesn't like it.


    Nevertheless I closed the thread but for a different reason: it had become completely off-topic...or with no topic at all.


    Besides, I have taken your comments into account but disagree with them. We do our best but we can't always please everyone or close threads according to everyone's whim or wish.


    Finally, if you have a problem with a thread/post, I'd appreciate if you could use the report post button instead of my profile. For other forum issues, there is a feedback forum (and it's easier to keep track too).

  14. I meant "this", not "that". Sorry for my french-glish ;)

  15. erm...you'll see (ok, I admit I've been into the "mice husbandry" business recently).

  16. Do you really need to know that? :o ...don't start rumors but it's been less than two weeks :p

  17. I am pretty sure you can find a post or two where Achilles disagreed with ED...and one or two of mine too :xp:


    And before I forget, here is your weekly virtual cookie: :burg1:

  18. MBA....gonna start one of those...since you're an expert, do you have tips to keep sanity? (apart giving a promotion to mimartin).

  19. (*looks at ED and Achilles' profile messages*) - Don't ban me, ok? :dev8:


    Astor Kaine is another matter...there should be an appropriate button somewhere in the left corner...

  20. Huh? All I have in my sig is a link to an article :confused:

  21. Awww...it's my cat's fault, not mine.

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