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  1. At least you'd have to be an experienced pilot to form a plague, in battlefront almost any pilot is a plague (except the NPC ones, but that's anotther point). Still I never have very much trouble taking down a plane with a flak. The point is must battlefield1942 players point the flak at the plane itself, while you should aim it in front of it so the flak cloulds appear near the plane. My point is experienced pilots can b countered with other experienced pilots or experienced flakers
  2. If I'm piloting a tank in battlefield I'm not fealing nearly as safe as while piloting a tank in battlefront. One heavy wep shot in the back of the tank and I'm dead. One well planned bomb of a plane and I'm dead too. A few grenades from infantry and I'm dead. A well placed mine by an engineer nd I'm dead. The tanks in battlefront are afwully difficult to kill Fighters supposed to mow down infantry? That makes things even worse, because it ruins the game for infantry. Pilots with a little experience have no problem evading most missiles. Plus they can heal, so if someone makes a hit you can even repair the damage.
  3. Hello everyone I heared the news they are working on battlefront 2. Personally I didn't like battlefront itself. It was very badly balanced. Look at the vehicles: one inexperienced pilot can be responsible for masses of infantry kills (I heared they are going to make the controls even easier. How would they like to do that? Build in an autopilot?). And what about the heavy weapons doing practically no damage to vehicles (I feel a lot safer in a battlefront tank then one in bf1942, where heavy weps, planes and even grenades form a real threat). On top of that they took all interesting features that would make the game really different from other games out (grappling hook, imperial officer, bothan spie). I'm now back playing battlefield 1942. I really hope they are going to do it better this time. I'd like to play a good starwars game, really. But be honest. Battlefront in stores, then Battlefront 2 in stores one year after Battlefront 1? They don't take their game to make a game. And why isn't that game an expansion anyway? Seems Lucasarts first priority here is again to make a lot of money, not to make a good game. Its obvious lucasarts already planned this expansion while making the first game. All points we discussed before the release of battlefront and didn't found their way into the game seem to be in now. It's actually very sad since I'd like to play a high quality starwars game for a time. Well, I'm glad battlefield 2 will be in stores soon with a new of fresh options like for example squads. And regarding battlefront 2, let's first play the demo (comming soon, right?).
  4. Is they share it with me like now I've got no problem with it
  5. The ORG now plays multiple games. We added World of Warcraft, Battlefield 2 and Guildwars to the list. You can find the current memberlist at our new website
  6. I don't know the exact number of time bombs you need, but wwith the ammo packs of the pilot you got enough and you can do it much faster then two minutes. You put one on the neck, back of to let it explode, and another one at the neck etc. When the pilot hands out ammo packs, be sure to stand near to eachother. The ammo packs will fall righ trough the AT-AT if you don't 'catch' them. I have to add we didn't try this on a moving AT-AT, that might make things complicated...
  7. Solo snowspeeding Line up your snowspeeder to pass the AT-AT, then switch to the gunners seat. When you pass the AT-AT, shoot the tow, then switch back to the pilot seat fast to start turning (be quick, or you'll lose the cable because you''re already to far away). Special ops team Use snowspeeders to deliver a rebel wookie and pilot on top of an AT-AT (jump out above it). The wookie has (along with the ammo packs of the pilot) enough timebombs to blow the AT-AT to pieces We've tested both ways, for fun in the first place, and they really work!!!
  8. I HATE that map. It has what I would call rondloperitis in dutch. The enemy keeps taking your cps because there are no key points to defend Everyone plays heavy weps and mines are around every corner
  9. Outer Rim Garrison accepts your proposal, if you don't have any problems with our current allies. We have a banner exchange with other clans, would Redcell want this?
  10. It is? I tried it once and had no problem. I felt down and the rancor didn't moved after me at all.
  11. http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=140425 Why make a new thread about it?
  12. Nice map. First map with doors too. Grenades are very dangerous there, You don't have much rollong-possibilitys. I've shot jabba, and the trap to the rancor opened, or does it do that automatically?
  13. And getting shot all the time? No thanks...
  14. hehehe, you would run out of speederbikes very fast. Ans people wouldn't be very long in the race, atleast I wouldn't.
  15. They bring out the server file, and release the normal version with magazines only? Then almost noone would play online, and you wouldn't need the server files.
  16. You have good gameproducers too. You know trackmania (sort of race game)? It isn't long now until the second expansion pack is released, which you can download for free!
  17. Add geonosis. A map that combines vehicles and infantry on a good way is Kashyyyk docks in my eyes. Vanquards un the high parts are very difficult to take down.
  18. You could start a thread with your own example Bespin cloud city. I was standing in a side passage of a corridor and lasers in different colors were flashing for my eyes in both directions through the corridor.
  19. Top row, most to the left button. But I believe that changes for every keyboard
  20. lol, nice sig The clone pilot is actually quit dangerous on a small distance. I always get killed instantly. Any tips?
  21. You shoot dogs? Half of me is swiss, I'm going there every vacation. Beautifull country isn't it?
  22. Mines a great help defending a cp. You place them on both sides of the entrance to the cp, and can defend another one. When you see that you killed someone without having fired a waepon, you know that they are trying to take the cp. Then you can gop back to defend it.
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