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  1. Yesterday some information and two screenshots from a Zombies Ate My Neighbors sequel pitch (that never went into full production) appeared on Unseen64 – following a tweet from 2020-08-13.
  2. Broken Age FTW! Feels like the good ol' days. Pure magic. Poke.
  3. As German business magazine GamesMarkt reports, German sports TV channel DSF (Deutsches Sportfernsehen) will cooperate with Frogster Interactive, a German publishing house, to bring Telltale Texas Hold'em Poker to shelves. The game will be released through Frogster's midprice label Eclypse in a DVD-Case for Euro 19,95 (about $ 24). The cooperation also includes 20-second-spots sent before, between and after TV programmes that show poker, dart or billard. Frogster Marketing Manager Stefan Balabanow: "Through cooperation we reach millions of direct consumer contacts that we'll support with additional online activities." If you're interested you can find the original article and a picture of the box on GamesMarkt.de
  4. ...and what's about that shadow character on www.telltalegames.com/products - doesn't it looks similar to max? i'd say it's really the same (without ears of cause -- that will be added as soon as the final announcement is done. and if not - i will also enjoy the other game i think
  5. It's me again, erm, "monkeyboobs"! As GameSpot.com reports in its today's news Pandemic Studios confirmed that they are currently working on another LucasArts game... ... and - surprise! - it's TPS No. 10.000 featuring an "anarchic-but-military storyline involving a civil war in Asia", called Mercenaries. All right.
  6. Gaming news site gamerfeed.com reports that Factor 5 has registered two new trademarks - Battle Squadron and Animal Wars. More two know? Follow the link above. First could be the "Rebel X" game ... but I'd really like to know what's going on with Thornado?
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