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  1. hay guys the first time i played ja i healed myself and realized that your not suposed to have a big purple disk surownding you so can enyone tell me how to remove that purple disk and all the other force related stuff please tell me:trooper:
  2. hay thanks for the info guys i knew a sum of that like how he got his green one enyhow it really helped clear things up for me no problem reading all the text neverhood it was interesting:trooper:
  3. by the way what happend to the moldly crow:trooper:
  4. hi i have downloaded all of the jk demos available and i have seen that in dark forces ll that kyle has a green saber and mysteries of the sith he has a orange saber and finaly he has a blue saber in outcast and academy could somone tell me what is going on:trooper:
  5. hay thanks i like your sig:trooper:
  6. hello can somone tell me how to change npc info in assets 1 for eg. minemonster i want to make the minemonster player team free and maybe jedif make it so that she hase no force and a concussion rifle:trooper:
  7. TK-425


    can enyone aswer this question? btw can somone tell me how to change the weapon of an npc in the assets files:trooper:
  8. TK-425


    umm can i add one of the music files to the main menu permanantly:trooper:
  9. TK-425


    man thanks kurgan:trooper:
  10. TK-425


    hello could somone post the cheats for skin colors you know like the colors you use to custamise your player voice files like "snd jaden_male" the whole list of sounds music files used in the maps:trooper:
  11. thanks for the disapionting info guys. shoot:trooper: if enyone has enything els more encouraging please post:trooper:
  12. yes i meen spicific names i have tried everything and the give all code no luck if the eweb is mp only than why do thay appere in sp levels please tell me?
  13. hi guys i need the names for inventory including the eweb cloaking device and stationary sheild in single player please give me this info if you have it:trooper:
  14. hi just wondering what is the item names for the jetpack(not as inportant as the folowing) eweb,cloaking device and statoinary sheild in the Single Player game i relly want to know:trooper:
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