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  1. The way I fixed it was to copy the second CD. And install the second half of JA with the copied CD.
  2. LOL! Someone voted "No! It stinks!":lol:............................... <.< Now who was it:chop1:
  3. Hmm,... I'll think about your suggestions. I think I'll go right along with the movies though, so you would get to go on missions with other stormtroopers kind of like HALO only your the same as every one else. Plus, I will try to make the Clone AI in my mod better (from what I hear its pretty bad). On identification, I think we pretty much have that covered for now, I will give each stormtrooper cirtain details on their armor, and then you always have the HUD. And on your crave for more Spec Op missions, I will stick to the movies mostly, but what happens between them? The game will be pretty short with just playing the movie missions will it not? I was thinking of making a couple up just for the sake of making the game longer. Maybe something like a crashed ISD you have to recover some top secret info and its full of some of the unkown planets local's, because I want to find some way of using the geonosian animations and weapons some how.
  4. Dont humor him. Just ignore him and let him boil in his own stupidity.
  5. Need not worry, Hapslash wont be leaving the JK modeling community any time soon.
  6. BUT WHY!?! They all need to be nerfed as it is:p .
  7. Thats not true. As I said before, the JA patchers disabled the devmapall code in SP. Type helpusobi 1 and cheats are all enabled. Try it.
  8. How good do you think the modding tools are? Can you edit everything exept coding? Or just map and reskin?
  9. Yes. Infact lots of other things. 1. Hes still working slightly on the robed model. 2. Some of the parts of the model needs to be lined up. 3. Lots more,....
  10. Does anyone know of a concept artist thats free, that would be good at drawing armor and stuff?
  11. Ok guys, I have lots of questions. But in one package. Can someone be so kind as to tell me the faces (polys) that each model has? Mostly I'm interested in SP models.
  12. This is the best thread in the history of LF. Anyway, I have a (stupid?) theory. Once we get everything translated, if you put it all together would it make a big long message?
  13. Oh,.. I would have thought that there would be people roaring in excitement about it. Btw, how good are they on a scale from 1-10? Are they as bad as SWBF's? And, is there another place to download them? I'm a 56k'er, swcommando is a hefty Flash download for me.
  14. Nice to see everyones alive. The boards have seemed to be dead for a while. Anyway, I have a question. When do you guys think the Modding tools will be released? And I see here some people can get UnrealED to work with SWRC. How? I didnt think it worked with SWRC.
  15. Hmm,... So its somewhat scripted then.
  16. Ok. I have a question. If the enemy AI was placed in a non linear environment would they be able to make militaristique judjments? As in would they be so smart as to try to flank you? Or is it pretty dumb AI, and alot of the things are scripted?
  17. Type g_ then the TAB button on your keyboard. After about 7-10 times (maybe less) you should be able to see it, pickupablesabers or something like that.
  18. Look what Hapslash found!
  19. Like this? Dont use it if you dont like it. And I dont need any gift wraped stuff. Avatar Signature Code http://img138.exs.cx/img138/7763/tk8252av6vz.gif http://img72.exs.cx/img72/5271/tk8252sig3mk.gif Thanks to Astrotoy7 for the frames.
  20. Yeah, it would be perfect. He also would get the respect he deserves by the rest of the JA comunity.
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