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  1. Well eh... I woulden't mind slicing of a youngling's head, because its just a game, it doesn't bother me, neither is it a very important to argue about. /Off-topic Thats great, i can't wait for the Yoda and younglings!
  2. Whoa!! Nice Yoda! But the mace padawan looks just the same (just reskinned) as the other padawan, maybe add some new detail on the model Of course you don't need to, but it would be awesome.
  3. My opinion is the same.
  4. Aww Well is there going to be real team support? Maybe a Sith Yoda in Red Team and a blueish Yoda in Blue team? That would be awesome
  5. Looks very good Will there be a non robed version or a hooded one?
  6. I really like these models, but could you make real team skins for them, of course you don't need to :/
  7. woulden't this be your second player model? This looks really awesome!
  8. omg, this is going to be an awesome experience when this is released
  9. what u say?! :'( Jawas have lives too ya know anyway great work, man!
  10. ... awesome! u've really improved
  11. *EDITED* Nevermind i understand now...
  12. aww...ur leaving??? why did ur last WIP have to be a Jawa Killer ?
  13. Thats weird, man... and rude
  14. Oh dear... This begins every week...
  15. WOOW! Thats one mighty powerful tie... Why diden't the Empire use it in the fight with the rebellion Cant wait for this one to be released
  16. Yeah doggy stop it with that man. Hatrus u improve everytime
  17. Nice!! Keep up the awesome work!
  18. This thread is getting kinda scary there should be somekind of button that the author of the thread can ban any user from it
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