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    Reading, writing, films, computer games, playstation, AC Milan
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  1. I'm afraid the theory doesn't work with me: I played them in order, and MI2 is my favourite! Allthough they are all awesome, obviously! Just i was disappointed about the graphics in the last two games...too cartoon-like. (But still really cool! lol)
  2. wow that's a very good deal! might actually be worth it, since i've still got MI2 on about 6 disks!!! lol
  3. Don't mean to barge in on anything,but here's my contribution: This little story is called 'Woodchucks saving the Forests' Would good wood chucks cuck wood if wood chucks could chuck wood? For good wood chucks chuck wood when wood chucks know they should...as wood chucks chucking wood is a pretty big waste of good wood. So should wood chucks chuck wood when wood chucks chucking wood is such a waste of good wood? I think wood chucks should chuck wood only when there is no good wood for wood chucks to chuck, but bad, chuckable wood for good wood chucks to chuck!!! Phew! I'm exhausted!
  4. errr...what is this Bounty Pack? It sounds cool, and I know I'll want it!!!
  5. Hi everyone, I'm new! Errrr....are you saying that it's not sure Monkey5 will come out?! I visited this site once when searching for news on the subject and i read an article where it sounded pretty sure it was going to! Don't tell me it might never happen! Aaaaarrrgh!!! I though some computer-game site had something like 'Monkey Island 5: waiting for release date' or something! *fingers crossed and praying fervently to the Monkey God*
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