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  1. Is it inappropriate for me to ask which of these fan games are actually good?
  2. What we really need is another giant Triangle DOTT Box. That thing honestly doesn't fit anywhere. I'm just waiting for MI to come shipped in a stuffed monkey, or to come packed with a replica LeChuck Beard. One thing as well, is that moreso than boxes, I miss jewel cases. I was slightly disapointed that Sam and Max season one discs came in paper sleaves as opposed to a jewel case.
  3. I'll be honest, I don't think I would have bought Sam and Max season 1 if it wasn't for the fact that I saw a hard copy of it at Wal-Mart. In turn I ended up ordering season 2, TOMI (of course) and season 3. I think there is something to be said about hard copies of media, be it movies or video games. Its hard to feel ownership without a hard copy to look at and touch. To this day, I still haven't caught on to netflix, or steam, or anything else like that unless the products are unavailable otherwise (ala MI:SE). To be fair though, old school video game box art was a lot more ar
  4. Growing up in the 90s, I got to watch my older brother play all sorts of sierra and LEC adventure games, ranging from Kings Quest to Loom to even Freddy Pharkis Frontier Pharmacist. I never played the games until a few years later mind you, however I still managed to become obsessed with Monkey Island. Anyways, by the time 1997 rolled around, I had played through and loved Monkey Island 1 and 2 on my own, and eagerly anticipated the release of the Curse of Monkey Island, and the glorious return of Guybrush Threepwood. I wanted the game so badly for Christmas but my two older brothers
  5. Hi, I'm Hellbeard and I used to frequent the Mixnmojo forum quite regularly about 7 or 8 years ago, however that made me 12-13 years old and I was incredibly annoying. In fact, I think I was what would be classified as a "troll" before trolls even existed. I made a habit of making stupid threads and irritating metallus, gabez, elTee and haggis among others. Not sure if I ever came close to getting banned, but I probably deserved to be. My most famous thread was "Hellbeard's Pong Challenge" where I challenged people to beat my score in a 3D internet ping pong game, and the winner got a
  6. I'm pretty sure that mixnmojo has more super-talented posters than any other video game forum on the net. Amazing work.
  7. 1. FatboySlim- Praise You 2. Guerilla Radio- Rage Against the Machine 3. I-20 Ft. Ludacris and Bone Crusher- Break Bread 4. Nelly FurtadoFurtado- Forca 5. Tupac- When Thugs Cry 6. DMX- Ruff Riders Anthem 7. Jay-Z- Change of Clothes 8. Young Bloodz ft. Lil' John- If you don't give a damn 9. Led Zepplin- Immigrant Song 10. Eminem- Stan
  8. yeah, wow, but KOTOR2 is looking pretty sick as it stands. I don't know how it will compare to the original but we'll just have to wait and see. Too bad PC users will be waiting longer seeing as the x-box version is out in December and the PC version is out in february...
  9. We all already know why... why would we have to discuss it?
  10. Wow, you guys are still going at the Sam and Max thing!? I've got to give you credit though, you guys are certainly persistent. But think about it, by the time they release it, it will probably be out of date or something anyways.
  11. I framed this Lechuck Collage that I whipped together, which I then got signed by Earl Boen. Thats the only uber-kewl thing I have. Thats about it with the exception of my Storage Depot trapped games including triangle dott and my original copy of goldrush.... Earl Boen seemed really desperate for fan mail though, so if you're a Lechuck fan, its awsome. He signed all the stuff I sent, replied to my letter, sent a bunch of his own signed photos and all was done extremly neatly. But perhaps he is more popular due to his "running away screaming" scene in T3:p
  12. best: 306.85 Score: 1434.63 edit: Best: 417.88 Score: 1557.37
  13. *tear* Thats the first time anyone on here has ever said that to me... Edit:Here is a a new avatar I wipped up, it looks kinda crappy though because I had to really tweak down the quality to make it under 20 000 bytes, but its not THAT bad...
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